Sport and post-pandemic: more is done, but less in the gym


Sport and post-pandemic: more is done, but less in the gym
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Friday 8 July 2022 – 15:41

Sport and post-pandemic: more is done, but less in the gym

Jabra survey, company for personal and office audio

Rome, July 8 (askanews) – Jabra, leader in solutions for personal and office audio, has commissioned a research to Toluna to investigate the relationship of Italians with sport – also following the pandemic – and with music. When we train, in fact, whether it is an outdoor physical activity or a session in the gym, music is almost always the ideal companion to motivate us, give us the right rhythm and make fatigue less perceptible.

The Jabra research took place in June 2022 and involved a panel of respondents between 18 and 55 who regularly practice physical activity (52% women and 48% men). The first interesting fact that emerged concerns the relationship itself with sport which has changed, following the pandemic, for 85% of the interviewees: 60% practice more, while 25% practice less. Curious, then, that the most significant group of those who declare to practice less is represented by the age group 18-25, probably due to the fact that young people have often preferred to engage in different activities – TV, smartphone, reading – and they continue to do so even after the pandemic.

What is particularly significant is that almost 70% of those who claim to practice sports still prefer to do it outdoors or at home, reflecting the fact that they still prefer to avoid areas that are too crowded or not well ventilated. Only 17% have started going back to the gym and 13% train both outdoors and indoors.

Sport and music: an indissoluble combination The data speak for themselves: the research shows that 100% of respondents who practice sport listen to music during training sessions. In particular, 29% use wireless headphones, 30% wireless headphones, 10% wired headphones, 7% wired headphones and 24% speakers. Therefore, wireless technology is the most popular – given that it is chosen by about 84% of the interviewees – if we also consider the speakers. But are sportspeople really satisfied with the device they use to listen to music during training? Most of them do. Despite this, there are elements that they would like to have improved, for an even more engaging, safe and satisfying listening experience.

As many as 51% of those who use earphones or headphones – whether they are devices with or without wires – would like them to be more robust and ergonomic, so as to remain firm even during the most demanding training sessions, a good 40% would like it to be improved audio quality. 36% would like greater resistance to sweat, water and dust, while only 14% would like them more colorful and trendy. Functionality and technology, therefore, far surpass the fashion and trends of the moment when it comes to music during training.

Another significant figure is that 82% of those who do not use wireless earphones during sport intend to buy them soon, perhaps taking advantage of the summer sales and offers of the moment. Always attentive to the needs of its users and often also able to anticipate them, in recent months Jabra has launched two models of true wireless earphones perfect for those who have an active lifestyle and practice sports, of any level and at any intensity. Let’s talk about the Jabra Elie 4 Active earphones and the top of the range Jabra Elite 7 Active. Both new generation True Wireless Earphones have been designed to be ergonomic, robust and resistant to water and sweat; equipped with advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, they offer an immersive listening experience, with a customizable equalizer, touch-activated HearThrough (ambient mode) technology and a Spotify access button. And for those who do not disdain an unmistakable design there is also the possibility to customize the case of their earphones by engraving their name or message for free.


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