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The Season Ticket Campaign for the Serie A 2022-23 Championship will start on 25 July 2022 at 5.00 pm.

The purchase of the season ticket will be allowed to all holders of the SSC Napoli “Fan Stadium Card” Fidelity Card, with digital upload of the title. A nominative placeholder coupon will be issued indicating the sector, row and seat to be kept and always taken with you to the stadium.

The validity of SSC Napoli fidelity cards expired after 1 March 2020 has been extended until 31 December 2022.

Those who subscribe, with SSC Napoli fidelity card expiring on 31 December 2022, will enjoy a further extension until 30 June 2023.

Those who subscribe, with SSC Napoli fidelity card expiring between 31 December 2022 and 29 June 2023, will enjoy an extension until 30 June 2023.

The card can also be requested by minors, as long as the issuing procedure is carried out and signed by a parent (or by whoever exercises parental authority).

There are discounted rates for families and women:

  • 50% discount for children under 14
  • 30% discount for the second member of the couple

(The subscription of the first member of the pair is not subject to discounts)

  • 10% discount for women

These are the subscription prices:

The discounted rates can be purchased only and exclusively at the authorized points of sale (click here to consult the list).

To access the discounts reserved for families, it is necessary to present and deliver a copy of the family status or, for so-called de facto couples, a certificate of registration in the Administrative Register of Civil Unions. As regards the children of divorced fathers or parents who are not registered in the Register of Civil Unions, a birth certificate of the minor with the relative certification of paternity will be sufficient.

Access to discounted rates will be subject to verification by the points of sale and SSC Napoli. In case of lack of the necessary requirements, the club reserves the right to cancel the subscription.

The sale will start on 25/07/2022 (17:00)

Phase 1 – from 17:00 of 25/07/2022 until 23:59 of 31/07/2022, both online and at authorized points of sale (click here to consult the list), those who were holders of season tickets for the 2019/20 season will be able to exercise pre-emption on the old seat.

Phase 2 – from 12.00 on 01/08/2022 until 23:59 on 07/08/2022 at the authorized points of sale (click here to consult the list), those who were holders of season tickets for the 2019 season / 20 will be able to exercise the right of precedence over the purchase of their season ticket in another available seat, and to purchase additional season tickets with women’s rate, couple rate and child rate under 14, in compliance with the conditions set out.

Phase 3 – starting from 12:00 on 08/08/2022 the free sale will continue, for all rates, both online and at authorized points of sale.

Purchase at the points of sale

Connect to the SSCN official website in the ‘stadium’ section or in the ‘tickets’ section. Users will be directed to the following link, to fill in the application form (personal data) 2022-23.

Go to the points of sale, presenting the following documentation:

  • fidelity card of SSC Napoli;
  • application form (personal data) 2022-23, duly completed and downloaded;
  • copy of the identity document to be delivered;
  • copy to be delivered of the family status or certificate of registration in the administrative register of civil unions, to take advantage of the discounted rates: couple and / or children under 14.

The list of authorized points of sale can be easily consulted at the following link.

Online purchase

To make the purchase, simply connect to the official website of the SSCN in the ‘stadium’ section or in the ‘tickets’ section. Users will be directed to the following link, to fill in the application form (personal data) 2022-23.

Those who purchase the season ticket via the web will receive the coupon / placeholder via email, to take with them to the stadium. It will always be possible to print the coupon / placeholder from the link:

Advantages and benefits for season ticket holders

  • Right of first refusal to purchase tickets for UEFA and Coppa Italia home matches, at a discounted price of 20%.
  • Right of way, lasting 48 hours, for tickets relating to away matches abroad for UEFA matches, subject to availability of seats.
  • Possibility of changing user, for a maximum of 5 games, to another person with a fidelity card, following the procedure indicated on the Ticketone website User change is allowed to full rate, women’s rate, and child rate under 14. to an under 14).
  • 20% discount on the purchase of 1 home match shirt 2022/2023 at the SSC Napoli webstore (, to be exercised by 12/31/2022. To take advantage of the promotion, a voucher will be sent to the email address provided in the subscription request form 48 hours after purchasing the subscription.
  • Possibility to attend for free to a maximum of 4 training sessions of the team, should the Napoli play them at the Maradona stadium, during the championship, on dates chosen by the SSCN.

Checks before the title is issued

Before issuing the tickets, Ticketone’s automated ticketing system will send the request for authorization containing the personal data of the purchaser / user of the aforementioned ticket electronically to the national electronic center of the state police (CEN); at the end of the verification, the CEN will communicate to the Company, electronically, the response to the requested authorization.

By virtue of this response (positive or negative), Ticketone may or may not proceed with the issue (sale) of the admission ticket.

Certificates cannot be issued to subjects:

  • recipients of measures referred to in Article 6 of Law No. 401 of 13 December 1989, as subsequently amended and supplemented (prohibition of access to places where sporting events are held – daspo);
  • subjected to the preventive measures referred to in Law 1423 of 27 December 1956 (preventive measures against persons who are dangerous to safety and public morality);
  • who were in any case convicted, even with a non-definitive sentence, for crimes committed even if not on the occasion or because of sporting events.

After the sale of the ticket, in the event of any impedimental reasons described above, the PS Authorities will communicate the correction of the authorization electronically to Ticketone and the ticket will be deactivated for access to the stadium.

Code of conduct of the SSC Napoli

The memorandum of understanding of 4 August 2017, with the aim of “creating a renewed model for the management of football events”, in order to protect and promote the “social dimension of football”, introduced the cd. “Rating system”.

The “rating system” represents a tool made available to sports clubs to prevent access to the stadiums, for an adequate period, for individuals who are unable to maintain a behavior in compliance with the “code of conduct” adopted by the clubs themselves.

Through the “rating system”, sports clubs play an active role in guaranteeing a safe environment suitable for all types of spectators, including families with children, to all those who wish to go to the stadium.

In compliance with the provisions of the memorandum of understanding of 4 August 2017 and the code of sports justice, SSC Napoli has adopted the ‘regulatory code for the transfer of access tickets to football events’ (code of conduct).

The code of conduct contemplates all the conducts deemed relevant for the purposes of the application of any sanctions by the SSCN, the various types of sanctions as well as the relative procedures for their application.

The code of conduct is available on the official website The purchase or sale of a free admission ticket to the Maradona stadium automatically implies acceptance of the regulations for use of the stadium and the code of conduct.

The Maradona stadium is equipped with a state-of-the-art video surveillance system capable of identifying the perpetrators of the violations of the rules of use and the code of conduct.

The SSCN condemns any violent behavior, even verbal, and any conduct that directly or indirectly involves offense, denigration or insult for reasons of race, color, religion, language, sex, nationality, ethnic origin or constitutes ideological propaganda prohibited by law or in any case praising to discriminatory behaviors or, more generally, that the SSCN deems not representative of its own tradition and sporting identity.

Lastly, SSC Napoli reminds its fans to read and scrupulously comply with the requirements set out in the Stadium Regulations and the Code of Conduct.

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