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The start-up that wants to become the Tripadvisor of sports courses comes from Brescia

Those who want to play sports in Italy have a new ally: Fitadvisorthe platform that helps you to identify the course that best suits your needs or the chosen sport, taking advantage of the opinions of users.

Founded in Mazzano (Bs) by the brothers Graziano And Stefano Zanettisports lovers, kick boxing instructors from the age of 20 and profound connoisseurs of the needs of operators and users of the sports world, Fitadvisor aims to become the Tripadvisor of sports courses, the first ecosystem of operators, organizations, federations and institutions in Europe capable of promoting physical activity and making sport an integral part of the individual and collective growth process.

How? Through the “recommendations” of users, which are provided on specific characteristics of the structures and courses: quality of teaching, completeness of equipment, fun, improvement of physical fitness, etc. Parameters that then allow you to provide relevant results with respect to user research.

The dream of the founders and the functioning of the platform

Today, those looking for a sports course for themselves, or for their children, rely on word of mouth or search on the internet. In the second case, once in front of the Google results list, he is assailed by a series of doubts about the validity of the course, the preparation of the instructors or their ability to interact with the little ones. This is where Fitadvisor comes in handy which, thanks to the opinion of those who attend or have attended a course, can provide useful information to those who have to make a decision that will commit their economic resources for a few months or for the whole year.“, explains Graziano Zanetti cofounder of the company.

The method of meeting between those looking for and those offering a sports course solves an important problem not only for users, but also for gyms and sports clubs. The first data that a user enters is in fact the reference location. The recommendations and rankings do the rest: helping people locate a course they didn’t know existed; or get an idea of ​​the gyms in the area where they live or work. Fitadvisor thus becomes an indispensable tool for gyms and sports clubs to carry out lead generation on a pool of potential customers perfectly in target.”, He adds Stefano Zanetticonfounder of Fitadvisor.

From Lombardy to the conquest of Italy. Fitadvisor numbers

Fitadvisor started its business in Brescia, where it has achieved consistent goals, and is also growing in two other cities in Lombardy: Milan and Bergamo.

In Brescia boasts the subscription to the platform of 186 between gyms and sports centers And 2,431 fitness coursesamong which select the one that best suits your preferences thanks to 7,411 reviews released by users. On the portal they are 30,000 cards consulted every month in the city and province.

In Milan the company now has 70 gyms / sports centers registered for a total of 1,602 sports courses, with 2,800 reviews and 18,500 files consulted every month.

In Bergamo instead, 34 structures have joined the platform, for a total of 272 sports courses, 662 recommendations and 29,000 monthly consultations.

All over Italy there were 950 memberships, 12,560 sports courses, 131,906 cards consulted each month and 14,350 recommendations.

The company has already started the own development plan, aimed at expanding the company’s business to the entire Peninsula. The initiative will be possible thanks to the crowdfunding campaign recently concluded on 200crowd.comwith which the company raised € 70,500 from 23 investors, including the private accelerator Seed Money. “This year we will be particularly focused on Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto. Next year we will broaden the scope of action in an organic way, expanding throughout Italy“, goes on Graziano Zanetti.

The numbers of Milan, Bergamo, Brescia and Rome and in Italy

Source: Fitadvisor, data updated as of May 23, 2022

Thanks to crowdfunding, bonuses and incentives related to sports are on the way

The company has recently concluded a crowdfunding campaign on 200crowd.comwith which it raised € 70,500 from 23 investors, including the private accelerator Seed Money. Thanks to the collection, they will soon be available to users new functionsaimed at recognizing bonuses and incentives linked to constancy in the exercise and the achievement of certain scores.

The innovations are requiring a strong effort, even at a technological level. It is precisely for this reason that we have recently included in our team also Simone Tozzo, junior software developer, who joins our cto Matteo Galanti“, concludes Stefano Zanetti.

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