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State of Play |  All announcements and trailers – SpazioGames
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After a rather silent period, it’s time for the return of State of Play for Sony: during the event of June 2, 2022 we should see several new features in action, with the appointment of about half an hour that will show us the first news for PlayStation VR 2 and, according to Sony itself, also updates on third party productions targeting PlayStation.

We know for sure that we will see Horizon: Call of the Mountain, the first VR game dedicated to the Guerrilla Games saga, but what else awaits us? Let it be an opportunity to review Final Fantasy XVI? It will be the time when we will know the final and final date of Hogwarts Legacy? Difficult to say right now, but as always we of SpazioGames we will follow the event on the pages of our site, with the news and with this real-time summary.

By simply updating this page, starting at 23:59 when State of Play will start, you will be able to see all the news appear by the minute, with even the videos of the games that will be present on the virtual stage of the conference. We therefore recommend that you update the page on your browser often, to see the recap compose one step at a time.

State of Play: All announcements and trailers

11.59 pm – State of Play is expected to start.

00.01 – A teaser introduced us to the arrival of Resident Evil 4expected for March 24, 2023. The title will obviously be a remake of the beloved video game starring Leon S. Kennedy, who will find himself struggling with the ganados. The game had been anticipated by numerous rumors and official confirmation has finally arrived. The exit is expected on PlayStation 5 and experience will also support PS VR 2 with specially designed content.

00.04 – Several titles coming up are presented PlayStation VR 2. We start with Resident Evil Villagewho prepares to put you in the shoes of Ethan Winters in virtual reality, on PlayStation 5.

00.07 – The roundup then continues with a trailer that shows us up close The Walking Dead: Retributioncoming in 2022 on PS VR 2. Soon after we see instead No Man’s Sky (which, we read, requires PS Plus in its VR version).

00.08 – Let’s see for the first time in action Horizon: Call of the Mountainwhich takes us into the world of Guerrilla Games discovering machines. The player will see his hands on the screen and will be able to climb, fight with the robots, draw the bow and see up close as never before as wonderful machines as the Collilunghi, truly imposing. The video also shows several new climbing tools, such as ice axes similar to Lara Croft’s in the reboot saga. As expected, the game will be PS VR 2 exclusive.

On the occasion of the announcement, Guerrilla Games pointed out that now you can download updating of Horizon: Forbidden West which also includes the mode New Game + long requested by gamers.

00.11 – Now it’s official: Marvel’s Spider-Man comes the August 12 even on PC. Thus continues the epic of exclusive Sony titles that arrive after some time also on the Windows platform. The title will be made with the collaboration of Nixxes.

00.13Stray officially arrives on July 19 and it will be included in PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium from day-one.

00.14 – We finally got to see it in action The Callisto Protocolthe title that wants to collect the inheritance (and has already collected the authors) of Dead Space, promising himself really scary and rich. The disturbing settings and the creatures ready to wipe out the player are confirmed, but also a graphic sector particularly on the shields. The game will come on December 2, 2022 and it will be cross-generationalso let’s expect it on PS4 too.

00.17 am – Roller skates, tight rhythms, explosions, cannons and robots. This is the gist of Rollerdometitle coming up on August 16 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

00.18 – We see Eternightscross-gen game coming to early 2023. The game will be a cross between action and dating sims, according to the authors.

00.19 – As had been suggested by the rumors, it is time for the official announcement of Street Fighter 6the new fighting game of the historic series signed by Capcom. We see the historical protagonists of the saga in action, in a highly stylish trailer. To play online, it is confirmed, a PS Plus membership will be required. The game will arrive in 2023 on PS4 and PS5.

00.22 am – The charming and adorable Tunic also lands on PlayStation, after having conquered fans on PC and Xbox consoles. The exit is expected on September 27.

00.23 am – A trailer reveals the relaxing and contemplative coming to PlayStation Season: A Letter to the futurearriving in the autumn. The game features particularly suggestive scenarios, photos to take, a relevant narrative sector and many rides to do.

00.26Final Fantasy XVI it’s here! A trailer shows us the game, with a particularly action soul in its fights, but which does not skimp on vital bars and HP on sight, finally up close. Court intrigues abound, epic wartime scenarios in progress and evocable deities that fans have always known well, including Phoenix, Titans, Odin, Ramuh and references to Ifrit and Shiva. The trailer has a decidedly epic soundtrack and confirms the serious and dark tones that had been perceived since the very first teaser. It will arrive insummer 2023!

00.28 – State of Play has ended.

Keep following for all the insights into this State of Play and the games it has shown!

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