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Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino are back together again and they seem happier and more in love than before. Now she – apparently – would like to have another child with him. But the reaction of the Neapolitan showman in this regard displaces everyone …

The relationship between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino was definitely a lot very troubled. After a period of separation, the two are back together. Just before they broke up, it seems the couple wanted to have a second child together. And now? The project seems to be still valid …

Stefano and Belen YouBee

Unfortunately, shortly after the proposal to expand the family came the crisis, and very strong, and that dream was – therefore – shelved. The Argentine showgirl then had a relationship with Antonino Spinalbesewith whom he had a daughter, who is still very young, and whose name is Luna Marì. Now that she is back – however – with the Neapolitan dancer, who has become a splendid showman, she seems more willing than ever to have a third child in general, but the second with the love of his life. But the man’s reaction to it has displaced everyone …

They are meant to be together

The streets of these two young people, famous and beautiful, seem destined to constantly meet again. In fact, despite the numerous pushes and pulls and the relationships with other people, even more or less important, Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez they end up – in the end – always getting back together. This summer they were caught together in Ponza, intent on making one romantic getaway, complete with boat trips. And the fans at that point cheered!

She wants another child, his reaction

However, the news certainly does not end here and it seems – listen, listen – that the beautiful Belen has decided she wants to have a third child. The Argentine showgirl had already – however – confessed to Silvia Toffanin, during a very popular show hosted in very true, her desire to become a mother For the third time. At that time, she had already returned together with the dancer, even if their liason had not yet been formalized.

So it seems that the two had already dealt with the discourse, decidedly intimate and delicate, at least so their respective fans thought. But if she talked about her without any problems about hers desire for motherhoodhe was been with the mouth well sewn. Only after some time did he decide to tell her and the reaction that he has put in place has displaced everyone …

New son for Stefano and Belen?
Stefano and Belen YouBee

During a recent interview he was asked how things were going between the two and he commented that he prefers to leave his relationship with her out of the spotlight, since the newspapers write too much about it. When asked if he wants a third child, he replied: “If I want more children now? Of course I’d like to, but now I know very well that It is challenging. Let’s say that now I would think about it more than in the past. Having a child is a wonderful thing, but also very large. To tell the truth, I imagine myself the father of several children, but these are things that need to be thought very well. I’m certainly happy that now we fathers are free and not pigeonholed into the role of those who dictate the rules. ” And now her supporters, as well as those of the gorgeous Argentinian showgirl, have tears in the eyes of emotion. When is the happy announcement?

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