Stefano De Martino on marriage with Belen: “I would do it again”


Stefano De Martino on marriage with Belen: “I would do it again”
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Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino are experiencing an exciting and very romantic flashback, which has made thousands of fans dream. For a few days, however, rumors have started to circulate about an alleged crisis between the two. By choosing the path of silence (at least as regards indiscreet voices), the conductor instead opened up to a tender confession that brings up the marriage with the beautiful Argentine showgirl.

Stefano De Martino, the marriage with Belen

As a dancer of Friends a conductor, and then move on to wear the role of the actor: Stefano De Martino has an amazing career behind him and a very promising future in front of your eyes. Just recently, he first devoted himself to acting in the film The most beautiful day, a romantic comedy in theaters these days. Playing a young lover about to marry her beauty (whose role was entrusted to the talented Fiammetta Cicogna), De Martino was able to relive the emotions already felt years ago, when he was married to Belen.

Speaking of his latest engagement in an interview with Vanity FairStefano revealed: “Marriage is a great starting point to build a play. Many other stories live around the spouses: those of their families, friends, those in charge of the organization who will combine all kinds of stories here “. And after giving readers a few sneak peeks about the film, the actor indulged in a really sweet confession: “Weddings are more boring than fun. Mine would do it againbut when they invite me I am almost always busy ”.

In short, the thought immediately flew to the beautiful day that Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez they lived side by side, back in 2013. Deeply in love, they had organized a dream wedding at the time. Unfortunately, their union broke up just two years later, with a separation that left a lot of bitterness in the couple’s many fans. But love is strange, and De Martino knows it well: to a first flashbackwhich ended unexpectedly, was followed by a second rapprochement which, apparently, would be going well.

Belen and Stefano, the rumors about the crisis

In reality, according to some rumors, the two lovers are facing one severe crisis. A clue to this effect came from the many social photos published on the occasion of the birthday party of Adelaide, Stefano’s young sister: no trace of Belen, which made the most attentive suspect. In the past few hours, however, both De Martino and the Argentine showgirl have shared some shots on Instagram that have not gone unnoticed. The subject of the photos? A banal dish of pasta, which, however, hides much more.

It is in fact the same dish of pasta present both on the table of Belen and on that of Stefano. A sign that theirs was a couple’s dinner, to which Santiago was also present. In short, a return to the family: harmony reigns between the two and, although they do not seem willing to make their love public, they no longer even hide it. But wedding, apparently, would not be talked about at all. “I made one of marriageand for how it went, enough and left for another two or three lives ”- the Neapolitan conductor had recently stated.


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