Stefano Savi before the attack: so his life changed forever


Stefano Savi, victim of a terrible acid attack, saw his life change forever.

Stephen Savi in 2014, he was shot in a horrific mistaken identity by what has been dubbed the “acid couple“: Alexander Boettcher and Martina Levato.

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The two boys, with a third person, had the idea of ​​attacking and trying to disfigure three boys. This will started from the fact of wanting to try to purify the sentimental past of the woman through the face erasure of people related to her. Sort of a reset purity which had been lost.

The couple’s first victim was Stefano Savi who was struck, however, by a tragic mistake. The boy fatally looked a lot like Giuliano Carparellithe real goal of the couple, guilty of having kissed Martina one evening at the disco.

The consequences of the aggression were devastating and profound. Stefano Savi told it both in his book “The smell of acid” both in an interview with The Corriere della Sera.

Stefano Savi, the attack by the “acid couple”

In the interview with the national newspaper, Stefano Savi tells what happened in the night between 1 and 2 November 2014. It all happened while he was returning from the disco after accompanying his friends.

He says he had time to get out of his car before noticing a shadow appearing from behind and the next moment he felt some kind of oil coming and it blurred his vision. He goes on to reveal that he kicked that missed and groping started him clean your eyes with grass in the garden. He admits he doesn’t even know how he got to take the stairs home.

Once he returned, the boy was rescued by his parents and brother, noticing his loose clothes, they immediately understood that it had been an acid attack. It was later discovered that the grade of acid used was illegal in Italy. The attackers had in fact obtained supplies of the substance in Germany.

First the call to the trusted doctor and then the rush to the Do well brothers. Here the young man received first aid and suffered his first emotional breakdown since the attack. The drama of the situation immediately became clear and Savi was transferred to the Niguarda. Here the doctors reminded the Savi family of the seriousness of the situation. Over the past eight years Stephen Savi underwent 59 aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries.

Stefano Savi first
Stefano Savi before (Instagram)

The process

Upon investigation he discovered that he had been attacked byAlexander Boettcher and Martina Removed, for a tragic mistake in person. The Cassation, as reported by the national press, sentenced a sentence of 19 years and 6 months for the Taken off. For Boettcher from 23 years we passed to 21 years. While for the third component of the affair the final sentence was 8 years and 9 months.

In the motivations of the Cassation it is also added how the unhealthy relationship between the two has not in any way affected the woman’s ability to understand and want. According to the Court, you gave your total adherence to the rules of the partner having full awareness of the actions that you were about to perform.

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