Stomach ache after and holiday binges: what to do to feel better immediately


Stomach ache after and holiday binges: what to do to feel better immediately
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If you exaggerated at the table during the holidays, here’s what to do to fight stomach ache and feel much better right away.

Stomach ache after a holiday binge: what to do (Photo source Canva –

During the holidays, given the delicacies served on our table, it can happen to exaggerate. Heartburn, nausea and heaviness, however, risk presenting us with a salty bill. How to fight discomfort, recovering health and well-being as soon as possible? Let’s find out together the tips to put into practice for fight stomach ache after holiday binges, feeling better immediately.

Stomach ache after the holidays: tips to get better

I ate too much: what do I do to feel better?
Stomach pain from eating too much: how to get better (Photo source Canva –

Gourmet breakfasts, frequent aperitifs, abundant lunches and dinners: the Christmas holidays are a period in which exceeding with light foods and alcoholic beverages is a decidedly common practice.

The sudden change in eating habits, to which the stress and frenzy of the period are added, the reduction of physical activity and the change of meal times risk negatively affecting the correct functioning and well-being of the digestive system. Among the main ailments that can be encountered are:

  • Stomach ache;
  • Gastroesophageal reflux;
  • Abdominal swelling;
  • Nausea;
  • Constipation and diarrhea.

What to do to fight the stomach ache that occurs after the holidays? Here are all the tricks to feel better immediately.

The importance of hydration

Between toasts and occasions for conviviality, there is a risk of exceeding with wine, prosecco, sparkling wine and other alcoholic beverages.

If you have exaggerated with alcohol, after the holidays it is important to reduce its consumption to a minimum allow the body to detoxify. Green light to water: since alcohol favors the elimination of water through the urine, the immoderate intake of this substance can cause dehydration.

For this, it is essential to replenish all the fluids lost.

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In addition to drinking plenty of water, it is advisable to use purifying herbal teas, based on ginger, chamomile or sage.

Thanks to their soothing, calming and refreshing action, these precious ingredients are able to reduce inflammation of the stomach walls and promote the recovery of gastric function.

Light and regular meals

The lunches and dinners consumed during the holiday periods are decidedly abundant. Hence, it is quite common to feel bloated and out of shape, experiencing indigestion and bowel irregularity.

Avoiding skipping meals is counterproductive. On the contrary, it is recommended to eat regularly, making sure that the portions are sufficient to meet your nutritional needs.

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Among the foods to be preferred are seasonal greens and vegetableslegumes, whole grains, seeds and fruit.

On the other hand, industrial foods, rich in fats and sugars, should be banned. Similarly, the consumption of sweets should be severely limited.

Yes to physical activity

Finally, the last tip to put into practice to combat stomach ache after the Christmas holidays concerns movement: resuming physical activity is essential.

This will allow us to favor the reactivation of the metabolism, stimulate gastric emptying and regulate the production of acids, reducing the risk of heartburn.


Pay attention, however, to the type of sport practiced: it is not recommended to engage in particularly intense and demanding activitieswhich could make the discomfort worse.

In fact, excessive efforts, together with back bends and exercises that shake the body can promote the ascent of stomach acids.


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