“Stop the quarantine of positives”. But Hope does not hear reasons – Claudio Romiti


“Stop the quarantine of positives”.  But Hope does not hear reasons – Claudio Romiti
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“Covid, does quarantine for the asymptomatic still make sense?”, Reads a promising title of an article published by the Republic, signed by Donatella Zorzettoand which indicates a clear divergence between the minister Roberto Speranza and the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa. The latter, in a nutshell, has long argued that “those who have no symptoms must be able to go to work with the mask.”

Although the piece in question begins with a homage to the liturgy of terror, arguing that curbing Covid represents a huge effort, with too many infections and many hospitalizations (contagions largely without symptoms and hospitalizations, as a head of the Niguarda in Milan, at least in 85% of cases involving subjects with other pathologies incidentally positive to the swab), the journalist immediately manages to touch the salient point of one of the most destructive health measures still in place. Zorzetto writes about it: “With over a million asymptomatic people in isolation, it is appropriate maintain quarantine for them, who feel like they have been kidnapped at home? “

Now, first of all I would say to eliminate that “feel”, given that these people forced to house arrest, waiting for a new negative tampon to release them, they are in effect seized from the house.

In that regard the same Hope last Thursday, guest of David Parenzo and Concita De Gregorio on La7, he flatly denied the option of his undersecretary, and he did it with exact words like plumb lines: “for those who are positive you have to stay at home. I am very much against the idea that a positive can be outside. And this is now required by a state law. And we will not change this norm ”. “Those who are positive must stay at home”, this sinister character reiterated in a defiant tone, clearly defining who still dictates the government’s crazy health policy.

So for Hope the absurd quarantine, which is making us lose more GDP, as well as sending many hospitals into a tailspin due to the forced isolation of an army of largely asymptomatic health workers, represents his personal line of the Piave on which he has decided to nail the country. All this, and it is important to stress it energetically, while in the rest of Europe a sort of fiduciary isolation of a few days has been in place for some time. That is more or less what is also done in Italy with regard to seasonal flu.

But since the unpresentable Minister of Health has ruled that our virus is different, he insists on adopting a medieval approach to counter it. In this sense, the diabolical tampon seems to be the substitute for the famous ordeal, which in the language of the Lombards meant “judgment of God”. In this sense, it should be that the multitude of subjects in isolation – that with the arrival of the even more contagious Centaurus variant are destined to grow exponentially – emulate the protagonist of Fifth estate, magnificent film by Sidney Lumet. They should get up, open their windows and shout, turning to Hope: “I’m pissed off and I won’t accept this anymore.”

As long as the early end of one of the worst legislatures in republican history does not come to eliminate the problem at its root, sending Hope home with all his bandwagon of terror experts. Never put limits on divine providence.

Claudio Romiti, July 17, 2022

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