Study on masks: with Ffp2, cognitive impairment and general health


Study on masks: with Ffp2, cognitive impairment and general health
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According to a new study published on the scientific data collection site, the use of masks significantly increases the inhalation of CO2, causing a general deterioration of cognition and health.

According to the study, using FFP2, the CO2 safety threshold is quickly exceeded, inhaling 10-20 times more than normal breathing.

This is the first study, in this regard, which takes into account the “rebreathing”– or the evaluation of breathing in a closed circuit – with “uptake (inhalation) of the CO2 of the exhaled gases” in real time.

In the study, still in the preliminary phase, the values ​​of carbon dioxide intake are comparedas we know harmful to health:

  • with free breathing a concentration of 458 ppm of CO2 is detected
  • with the use of the so-called surgical masks a good 5,271 ppm
  • with FFP2 masks, the threshold of 10,143 ppm is even reached

Taking into account that the safety limit at work and 5000 ppm we realize that the threshold is already exceeded using the surgical masks, while it is more than double with the use of FFp2.

Man inhales oxygen in the air during inspiration and releases carbon dioxide into the air during exhalation. Freely inhaled air normally contains a large amount of oxygen while a minimal amount of carbon dioxide. The exhaled air, on the other hand, contains only 16% oxygen, but already 4% carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide as early as one concentration of 1000 ppm of carbon dioxide it impairs performance, concentration and the general well-being of the individual.

With these premises let’s imagine how and how much the use of the mask, especially FFp2, can affect the continuous use that many make of itfor health and cognitive well-being.

While from 1 May masks will no longer be mandatory in shops, bars and restaurants, museums, according to the “bridge” Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 38 April, the obligation remains – to wear FFP2 protection devices on vehicles transport, indoor shows and health facilities.

Not to mention the obligation, for our children, to wear it during school hours: a very serious fact and custom as in this case the affected are weak subjects with a metabolism still developing.

Unfortunately, even outdoors, it must be said that even after the obligation is over, the country still finds itself terrified, marked by over two years of media terrorism campaign: the everyday life of Italians does not seem to have changed at all, many still wear Ffp2 or surgical even outdoors or when not needed.

As admitted by many former virstars such as Matteo Bassetti, responsible for the spread and sedimentation of this horrible climate of panic, the mask of a sanitary instrument has turned into a sort of “Linus blanket” a safe haven to cling to in a world of contradictory information, especially for the little ones.

And this is how the mask will never end up in the waste bin, at most in a pocketin the other the green pass, ready to be pulled out perhaps in September, when, you can bet, the obligations will return, perhaps with the spread of the news of the umpteenth deadly variant.


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