Summer 2022: crochet bags for day and evening


Summer 2022: crochet bags for day and evening
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The most fashionable bags for summer 2022 they are rigorously made crochet. These models are certainly not new, but this year they are back in fashion and can be flaunted throughout the day.

The bag with crochet texture undoubtedly has a retro mood, winks atboho allure and to that hippy and it suggests authenticity, naturalness, freedom and it is also eco-friendlyas well as hand made. The main thing is to choose not only the right version:

  • midi,
  • maxi,
  • colored or natural,
  • but also prefer ideal combinations.

Let’s find out here everything there is to know about bags with crochet texture and we copy the outfits suggested by the most famous fashion stylists in the world.

Crochet bags: the topic models for summer 2022

There is no denying it, summer 2022 is all about the boho look and they certainly could not miss it crochet bags. However, they are available in infinite versions, shapes, textures and clearly different colors, but which are the most fashionable ones? In our wardrobe it is good to insert only the crochet handbags that we like the most, but with an eye towards the latest trends. Here are the models considered Nevermore without and today also chosen by fashion victim around the globe.

The crochet pochette-clutch

Between crochet bags for this summer here is one of the most glamorous ones the clutch, or pochette. It is the most fashionable bag, the coolest, perfect especially for the evening or for events such as ceremonies, poolside party, events on the beach.

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Not only that, the advantages of the clutch bag are many, for example you can also choose it very eccentric because it is small and not excessively cheeky. There are many crochet patterns, from those with a softer texture to those with a denser and more rigid crochet. Fashion colors are neutral:

  • white,
  • black,
  • Brown,
  • cream,
  • beige,
  • ocher.

Everyone must have a contrasting design, or some luxury detail.

Valentino for example it presented an ivory version with square gold studs on the front, definitely precious but very refined. But even more versions easy like those decorated with red, turquoise, orange and green flower patterns, they can make a good impression with their retro yet timeless mood, especially if worn during the day.

Handmade macrame cotton srossbody bag Eco bag for women from cotton rope.  Light tones sustainable fashion accessories

The mini crochet shoulder bag

And then between crochet bags for summer 2022 there is also the mini bag strictly with shoulder strap. It is undoubtedly the most practical and comfortable model, perfect for the city but also for the sea, for the office and for holidays. On the market there are many versions, but the trendiest have a rounded shape, with rounded and sinuous corners, woven crochet-knit texture reminiscent of a mandala or grandmother’s doilies, or softer and more contemporary.

In the first case, the fashion colors are neutral as long as they are embellished and made more refined by points of light, set gems, chains, studs, lurex threads. The softest mini shoulder bags instead they can also be declined in bright shades such as cedar yellow and lime green, turquoise, red, purple and orange.

Among the models more cool we quote the one proposed by Falabella with silver chain and boho chic mood and that of Bottega Veneta total violet crocheted in jersey. Ladybugs instead it offers a real crochet jewel, perfect for the office for its refined and not obvious allure, made of natural straw with sorbet yellow leather profiles.

The hand crochet bucket

Crochet bags for summer 2022 they can really make all women fall in love, from the very young to the most mature, thanks also to evergreen shapes such as the bucket. Practical, always chic and original, easy to wear even during ceremonies or parties and then crocheted is even cooler.

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Fashion stylists suggest choosing contrasting crochet buckets with the color and textures of the clothes worn so as to emphasize the style. For example, during the day, green light for models with dark profiles on a light background, with wrist strap, while in the evening, versions in lurex or total black are better.

They also prove it to us Max Mara with her mini bag in raffia natural and black details e Dolce & Gabbana with a soft total black bucket made in hand knitwear.

Handmade natural jute knit shopping bag, scandinavian style, beige tones, sustainable fashion accessories.  Zero waste lifestyle.  Woman standing in a field with DIY jute bag.

How to combine crochet bags

But how to match the crochet bags of summer 2022? We have seen many models to inspire us, but how to combine them with our must-have garments? Simple, here are some tips and looks to copy immediately and all the tips stolen from stylist of the moment.

The crochet bag by day

For the day, for the office or free time, the perfect crochet bag it is undoubtedly clear, at most brown. The ideal dimensions are mini or midi and the ad hoc model is the one with shoulder strap, basket or other rounded shapes on the corners.

It is advisable to create pendant with the footwear, flip flops, ballet flats, sneakers or espadrillesthe latter really ideal and romantic for a contemporary boho total look. In the same way, the pendant can be created with other accessories such as:

  • the belts,
  • the bijou,
  • the headband,
  • the hair ribbon,
  • the headband or scarf.

Green light for trouser suits or shorts, skirts and long dresses, especially if in linen or made with natural fabrics, solid colors or with geometric or floral patterns with mini designs.

women is learning to knitting amigurumi for web amigurumi figures are in a basket on floor women is looking laptop

The crochet bag in the evening

In the evening look the crochet bag it is good either total blackor enlivened by lurex threads pendant with bijou or other accessories of the outfit. Yes to jeweled flip-flops as long as they are in the same color, to open toe espadrilles or with wedges and heels, but also to sandals with rope details.

The mini dresses will be perfect with a clutch or crochet clutch, but also the shoulder versions will be welcome on warm summer evenings. Yes also to long dresses as long as they are very feminine solid colors, both with ruffles and ruffles, slits and necklines on the back. This summer it doesn’t take much to be sexy and without giving up the naturalness of fabrics and yarns with a slightly retro mood.

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