Summer Game Fest 2022: all announcements and trailers for June 9, 2022


Summer Game Fest 2022: all announcements and trailers for June 9, 2022
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The Summer Game Fest 2022 it was a rich and dense event of contents. So you will be pleased to have a summary of everything that has been announced and shown in the form of trailer and gameplay videos over the course of the long evening, so you can have everything at a glance in a single article. But stop the chatter and let’s start.

The event began with the first gameplay video of Street Fighter 6, starring Guile, then continued with the trailer for Aliens Dark Descent, a new game in the historic franchise, whose release period was also revealed.

To stay on the subject, the next segment was dedicated to sci-fi horror The Callisto Protocol, with a gameplay video. Then the first, long gameplay video of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was shown, one of the most anticipated games of the evening, which was followed by the first gameplay video of Flashback 2, a follow-up to a historic game from the 90s. .

The evening continued with a new gameplay video of the first person shooter Witchfire, which will soon arrive in early access and with a trailer of Fort Solis, the new game from Troy Baker.

The evening got even more crackling with the resurrection of Routine, of which a new trailer was shown. This is a game originally announced in 2022. So we got to see some really interesting indies: a trailer for Highwater, with a release period, and one for the narrative adventure American Arcadia.

But we are only in the middle of the evening and it’s goat time with Goat Simulator 3 and its crackling trailer that makes another famous videogame movie.

As promised then came Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which returned to be seen after a long absence with a new gameplay footage. So Stormgate was announced, with a nice trailer, followed by the Neon White trailer, whose release date has been announced, then by that of the highly anticipated Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, which seems to be almost ready and always seems more beautiful.

The spotlight then moved to Warframe The Duviri Paradox, of which we could see a teaser trailer, then to Honkai Star Rail, also graced by a video presentation.

But we are still a long way from the end. The authors of Genshin Impact showed a gameplay trailer of Zenless Zone Zero, their new game, already highly anticipated by the community. Then it was the turn of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, of which the co-op mode for six players was unveiled with a nice video. In the midst of so much grace, Soul Hackers 2 also made its appearance, with a new trailer, then Saints Row, whose character editor was announced, accessible on all platforms.

We are entering the final segment of the show, with the announcement of the final beta of Super People, the trailer for the first person shooter Metal: Hellsinger, of which the demo is available, a gameplay video of Warhammer 40,000 Darktide and the announcement of the reboot of the horror Layers of Fears, with a disturbing trailer.

So we could see Gotham Knights in action, in a gameplay video, one of the most anticipated moments of the evening, which ended with a long session dedicated to Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog and all the news coming on the The Last of Us franchise. . Druckmann gave new details on The Last of Us multiplayer, told of the end of filming of the TV series and announced the remastered edition of The Last of Us Part I, which was also revealed by a leak.

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