Summer Game Fest: Everything we can expect from Geoff Keighley’s show

Summer Game Fest: Everything we can expect from Geoff Keighley’s show
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With the Summer Game Fest finally upon us, we take stock of everything that could be announced during the live broadcast on June 9th.

You may have noticed it too from the fact that the mercury columns of our thermometers have shot towards Saharan temperatures, but those who survive under the polar jet of an air conditioner may have missed the fact that we have officially entered the second week of June, that period of year that has always been the hottest for the video game industry. Even now that E3 seems a distant memory, it is still here, in this precise time window, that companies focus their communication on the new upcoming video games, and if the marketing dances were opened a few days ago by Sony with a great State of Play dedicated to VR and third parties, now things are starting to get damn serious with the approach of the Summer Game Fest, the Geoff Keighley show set for 20:00 on this Thursday 9 June.

Very high expectations gravitate around the direct, also because Keighley, in the recent past, spoiled his audience by creating events full of memorable announcements, such as last year’s one linked to Elden Ringor those of Death Stranding during the Winter Game Awards.

In short, when Geoff goes on stage, something magical often arises, and that is why many are ready to catalyze their attention on tonight’s live broadcast just waiting for the curtain to rise. In this article, as is our duty, we will try to recap everything we know about the announcements coming from Summer Game Fest 2022starting from what has been confirmed to finally navigate the sea of ​​rumors that whip the ether in these days.

And we anticipate it, there are some really interesting ones around.

The certainties

Captain Price in a promotional artwork of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

In spite of the convention according to which the contents of such an event should remain covered by the utmost secrecy, Geoff Keighley has often intervened on Twitter in recent weeks to gradually reveal what will be the ladder of the Summer Game Fest 2022, which today boasts many confirmed appearances. The live broadcast shouldn’t end before 90 minutes and, as Keighley himself stated, going a little to dilute the hype of the fans, it will mainly focus on video games that in one way or another have already been announced by their respective publishers. This does not mean that there will be no surprises in any way, but the Canadian journalist and presenter wanted to focus on the expectations of fans, who should not expect a communication focused on the famous and very popular “world premiere”.

11 guests confirmed their participation in the great party organized by Geoff Keighley. Among these, they certainly stand out some big names, like that of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the Activision shooter developed by Infinity Ward that after the reveal of yesterday will be of the event with a gameplay trailer dedicated to the game’s campaign. Out later this month, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course will also be among the guests of the evening, presumably with new gameplay sequences dedicated to the long-awaited DLC of Studio MDHR’s highly acclaimed run and gun. Space also for Ghotam Knights, the Warner Bros action that already has a release date set for October 25, 2022, but which could take the stage of the Summer Game Fest with an unreleased gameplay trailer. Finally, The Callisto Protocol will score a double win today, returning to the stage of a conference a few days before Sony’s State of Play, with a trailer that will delve into the dynamics of this terrifying spiritual sequel to Dead Space.

Presented for the first time at the Game Awards with a trailer of great charm, today the very interesting Nightingale, the open-world PvE survival developed by Inflexion Games, will make its return to the stage of an event directed by Geoff Keighley. The trailer will probably be accompanied by a release date, which could fall with a little luck by the end of 2022. These announcements will be accompanied by some spaces dedicated to One Piece Odyssey, Warframe, the splendid Planet of Lana, Warhammer 40,000 : Darktide and Honkai: Star Rail, an RPG made by the guys from HoYoverse.

We will also see the presentation of the debut title of Frost Giant Studios, the team founded by two former Blizzard who have raised over 34 million dollars to create a real-time strategy game with Unreal Engine 5. No doubt about it, the Summer Game Fest is looming from its very premises as an event truly suitable for all palates and full of very important events, but that’s what Geoff he still hasn’t told us he’s gonna blow us off the couch tonight.

Clues and possible surprises

The list of partners of the Summer Game Fest 2022
The list of partners of the Summer Game Fest 2022

Before abandoning ourselves to the rumors and leaks that are regularly emerging a few hours from the show, it is important to cling to the clues in our possession to think about some possible surprises that can peep out among the many announcements of the evening. Geoff Knightley, on Twitter, in fact shared the Full list of the partners who will participate in the June activities related to the Summer Game Fest and, even if the image does not lead us to direct confirmation, we can use it as a starting point for a series of logical deductions.

The logo of Electronic Arts, for example, stands at the center of the image spread by Keighley and while the American company has officially announced that it does not want to hold any summer EA Play this year, it has at the same time done its utmost to publish two different teasers, one dedicated to the new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and the other to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the long-awaited new chapter of the historic RPG series signed by BioWare. Now, it is evident that the presence of both at the Summer Game Fest is to be considered a remote possibility to say the least, but the fact that EA has chosen this period to reveal them to the world is at least suspicious. That with the absence of EA Play, the American giant has chosen the Keighley show to show us something of its projects in development?

Silent Hill? Of course

The teaser image published by the Layers of Fear 2 Twitter profile
The teaser image published by the Layers of Fear 2 Twitter profile

A persistent rumor circulating in recent weeks claimed that Bloober Team was engaged on behalf of Konami – and in collaboration with Sony PlayStation – in the realization of a remake of Sileny Hill, a rumor that was suddenly rekindled when the logo of the Polish studio appeared in the image we showed you earlier. For years there have been clues and theories of self-styled insiders relating to the return of Silent Hill, but this time too it was yet another hole in the water: Bloober Team, as the same study shared on Twitter, is in fact working on everything. other, a sequel or a reboot of the series Layers of Fear which will most likely be shown in a few hours during Summer Game Fest 2022.

Very little is known about the new Bloober Team project, and nothing prevents the studio from working in parallel with Konami’s horror too, but it seems that even for this summer we will not have any news on a new Silent Hill.

An important stage for Microsoft and Sony

Kratos in all his fury
Kratos in all his fury

Let’s face it, Geoff Keighley has now gathered with his video game events a following that no major industry major can ignore, and in order not to leave the opponent’s field free, both Microsoft and Sony may have taken a part with some big announcement. of the Summer Game Fest 2022. The colossus of Redmond is a frequent visitor to the containers designed by Keighley, and as suggested by the large presence of Starfield sequences in the trailer released by the host, Microsoft could make a quick appearance and then invite all viewers to follow the upcoming Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12.

SonyOn the contrary, it has shown that it adores the communicative independence it has achieved in recent years, but as some rumors tend to indicate, tonight’s live could be the perfect opportunity to see the new God of War Ragnarok in action. In one fell swoop, Sony would be able to make the most of the enormous popularity of Keighley’s events, also officially kicking off the long marketing campaign of which the game will certainly be the protagonist in the second half of the year. God of War Ragnarok’s presence at tonight’s event is highly unlikely, but fingers crossed.

Dreams of an early summer night: Kojima and his Overdose, Elden Ring and his DLCs

Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley in videoconference, in an image leaked on the net just a few days ago
Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley in videoconference, in an image leaked on the net just a few days ago

You have come this far, dear patrons of the dream tavern, and then we can only reward you with a couple of crazy mirages who have a very small chance to materialize tonight on the stage of the Summer Game Fest. We talk about the first one almost for the record, because if it were to really turn out to be real, the writer would never forgive himself for not having told you about it. In fact, yesterday a resounding rumor, according to which the next video game developed by Hideo Kojima would be called Overdose, it would be a horror that can be played in first or third person and would have as protagonist the same actress who had lent the likeness to Mama of Death Stranding, Margaret Qualley. Now, it is clear that this is news to be taken with the utmost caution and the result of unverifiable statements, but according to what the author of the leak and the friendship between Kojima and Keighley claims, there could be a real possibility of see the announcement of Kojima’s new game during Summer Game Fest or the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday.

Finally, we just have to tell you about what is more of our unshakable hope, than real news. We know the deep bond that unites the Summer Game Fest and Elden Ring, this is where in 2021 the game emerged from the veil of fog behind which it was hidden, and it would be wonderful that in the same place, a year later, FromSoftware came and talked to us about the upcoming novelties for his extraordinary soulslike. We have no kind of clue as to such an eventuality, except for the presence of the Bandai Namco logo in the image of the event partners. Yet, we perceive the presence of the Interregnum. Will we be right?

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

What do you think? What are the video games you would like to see take to the stage of the Summer Game Fest? Have your say in the comments and remember, you can follow the event tonight 9 June on the Twitch channel of!

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