Supermarkets: with this trick at the checkout they can increase your receipt

For Italians in this period, making ends meet at home is really difficult.

In fact, the continuous rise in the cost of bills and also the rise in the supermarket are making the shopping of shops more and more expensive Italian consumers.


There are many foods that increase in price due toinflation and war in Ukraine and this is unfortunately inevitable.

How supermarkets inflate the receipt

But alongside the increase in prices due to these great international phenomena there is also a whole series of very complex and refined techniques that supermarkets use to inflate their customers’ receipts.


In fact, supermarkets use countless techniques psychological proven and improved over the decades that drive consumers a spend a lot more than they really should. Let’s try to understand together which are the most insidious techniques and how to defend ourselves from them. First of all, to defend yourself from the tricks of the supermarket it is very important shopping on a full stomach. In fact, numerous researches show that when we shop on an empty stomach we tend to buy a lot of useless goods.

Defending yourself at the supermarket

In fact, supermarkets display the goods in a very suggestive way to encourage us to buy them even if we don’t need it. One type of offer that benefits the supermarket while it is very detrimental to the consumer is the famous three for two. Let’s see why three for two is actually a type of offer to avoid. If a consumer were offered a 33% discount on a product but were also told that to have that discount he must buy three packs of that product and not just one, practically no one would accept this exchange. However the 3 x 2 orffre the illusion that one of the products is obtained for free. This way of proposing a substantially inconvenient offer, makes it very attractive to consumers who find themselves buying three packs when in reality they might need to buy only one.

How to lower the receipt

To defend yourself from the tricks put in place by supermarkets, it is also very important to go shopping with a very clear list. In fact, if you have a shopping list, you will hardly be influenced by the supermarket. But the tricks that the supermarket uses to make us spend more are really many. For example in the supermarket there are never windows and clocks in such a way as to make consumers lose track of time and make them stay longer in the mall. Furthermore in the shelves at eye level the most convenient goods are placed for the supermarket but consumers are more inconvenient and therefore it is very important to pay attention to all these small and big tricks a bit like that of putting lots of sweet and appetizing snacks right next to the tills. When you are bored in the checkout line it is much easier to buy snacks than to actually buy we would not have wanted to buy.

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