Surprise Totti: “Dybala would have come to Roma, I know how it went”


Surprise Totti: “Dybala would have come to Roma, I know how it went”
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A vote to the padel player Bruno Conti?
“Vote is still to be deciphered, I’m seeing that he plays more rackets than paddel. The club is beautiful, we are here to be here. He deserves it, he has a beautiful and simple family”.

De Rossi?
“Today I play with Di Biagio. Daniele is improving, growing but he still has to walk to reach the top levels. But so are we.

How much does the national team need to grow?
“He has to grow a lot, to get important results you need to have experience and great players as well as the group. I’m sure that little by little a great national team will return.”

When leaders like Chiellini fail in the national team, what should be done?
“The mix between youngsters and veterans is always important to have it. It’s all in the hands of the coach who has to manage the group and make the young players grow by making them understand what this shirt means.”

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What emotion did you feel seeing pilgrims with 10 in the national team?
“He could be the new 10 of Roma but knowing him I don’t think he wants to take it. It’s fundamental, flexible, all the teams would like him.”

Would you give it 10?
“I have nothing to do with this anymore, it is the club that has to decide in the event with the player.”

Is the time still not ripe for your return to Rome?
“Not mature is too strong a word. Everyone has their own way of working, they are very respectable. They are doing a great job and are reaping the rewards.”

What would you recommend to Zaniolo?
“I already talked to Nicolò some time ago, I gave him some advice but I don’t know if he understood it. If he were to stay in Rome, he must understand the importance of this shirt, especially to honor the fans who have done something this year. different for this team. Then the choice will be up to him. He and the club if he wants to sell him. I would know what to do with Zaniolo. ”

Would your attack be Abraham, Dybala, Pellegrini, Zaniolo?
“There are a lot of 4 in attack. The choice would be Mourinho, but I don’t think there will be this doubt.”

Matic lands in Rome: its arrival in Ciampino

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Matic lands in Rome: its arrival in Ciampino

Was Zanetti better than you at convincing Dybala?
“I don’t touch this subject.”

Dybala-Lukaku would make a terrific pair.
“Dybala’s inspiration and Lukaku’s physical strength would be a top combination. All the coaches would like them together.”

Did you expect Pogba to return?
“I didn’t think he could come back, when you make choices and go to top teams, you have many possibilities.”

You often hear Maldini. What he did remains a footballing miracle.
“I have always said that in football there must be players and former players who know about football. Putting him in a club where he has been 30 years is an advantage for Milan.”

The future of Ibrahimovic is not yet known.
“He will have to make the right choice also because I heard he had an operation again. He is no longer 20 years old, it is up to him to choose whether to continue or not. If he has to play a game every 4, I would think about it a lot.”

Is there still this desire for the national team like in your day?
“If there is no attachment to the national team in a player, it is better to change sport. More important than that, there is nothing. There must necessarily be this attachment, if it were not so, there would be something that does not add up.” .

Why don’t you touch on the Dybala topic?
“Because I’m how it went. I still feel it but I think it’s over. It’s not just up to Dybala. If it were up to him, there would be good hope. I exposed myself a little more.”

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