Swollen eyes or pain in the eyelid can be a symptom of allergies and infections but also of other nasty diseases


Swollen eyes or pain in the eyelid can be a symptom of allergies and infections but also of other nasty diseases
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We often realize how important health is when we are sick. For each of us, feeling good is almost an obligation, as if it were taken for granted. We realize how important and necessary health is, when we have an illness somewhere, it was just a small influence. Only then do we understand how necessary it is to be well and put in place all the solutions to quickly get back to health.

The eyes are a very important organ. Sight is one of the five senses and therefore of fundamental importance. We realize how important it is when we find ourselves in a dark situation, in a dark environment without being able to see. Yet most of us do little to protect our eyesight and above all to keep our eyes in perfect health. There are habits that can lead to damage to this vital organ. For example, a diet rich in a particular mineral could damage the cardiovascular system and the kidneys, but also the eyes over time.

Swollen eyes or pain in the eyelid can be a symptom of allergies and infections but also of other nasty diseases

Puffy eyes in spring can be a common complaint. In fact, allergies can cause excessive tearing and therefore swollen eyes. When we talk about puffy eyes, we actually often mean puffy eyelids. This problem could be a symptom of ongoing inflammation, but also of allergies. Of course, we cannot also rule out possible trauma or infections. Maybe misuse of contact lenses could cause this problem.

Eyelid swelling could also be associated with other disorders such as profuse tearing, itching, discharge or dry eye, redness of the eyelid. Pay close attention to eyelid swelling and any other symptoms, because they could be the alarm bell of even more serious problems. Many diseases also manifest themselves with eyelid swelling, for example blepharitis, which is an inflammation of the eyelid. This is manifested by swelling and redness of the eyelid. An abnormal presence of bacteria, viruses and mites on the eyes can cause blepharitis.

But the enlarged eyelid can also be a symptom of diseases not strictly related to the eye. Problems with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism could be the cause of this eye disorder. Eye disturbance linked to other typical symptoms of these pathologies should be a wake-up call not to be overlooked, especially in children. Graves’ disease is another pathology, linked to the malfunction of the thyroid gland, which could be discovered thanks to the swelling of the eyelid.

Possible solutions

Anyone who begins to suffer from swollen eyes or eyelid pain should intervene immediately and not neglect the problem. Eye drops could be a first solution for eyelid swelling, sometimes cold compresses could be helpful. In case of allergy, antihistamine eye drops could be effective. Obviously, if the problem does not subside in a couple of days, you should contact your doctor.


The eyes can be red not only from the allergy but also from the symptoms of this dangerous condition

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