Taking this fruit once a day could improve cholesterol levels and have great gut health benefits


Taking this fruit once a day could improve cholesterol levels and have great gut health benefits
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From an early age we were educated to introduce more fruit and vegetables into our diet. Our grandparents or parents, to convince us, exclaimed the common saying of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But is this a truth? In fact, there appear to be numerous nutritional properties behind this food. As for apples, Val di Non in the province of Trento is the only Italian PDO. There are 3 categories of apples:

  • golden delicious, with a yellow-green color, crunchy and juicy;
  • little frog Canada, greenish and flattened;
  • red delicious, with a red color, pasty and sweet.

There are those who prefer the red apple for its sweeter taste, others the green one because it is more bitter to the taste. In whatever shape and color it is, the apple is good for you.

Taking this fruit once a day could improve cholesterol levels and have great gut health benefits

Apples contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is helpful in making the intestines function well. Excellent for fighting lazy intestines and in cases of diarrhea. They also guarantee a certain sense of satiety. It is confirmed that the fiber content inside the apple has a beneficial effect. In fact, research shows that people who consume an apple a day would have a decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL), while maintaining good cholesterol (HDL). They are also rich in quercetin, an important polyphenol that would be helpful in fighting lung cancer and smoking-related problems.

Among the many characteristics and benefits that this food presents, the apple has anticancer properties. A study shows that apples contain a large amount of polyphenols. The latter are very important because they counteract the aging of cells by acting as antioxidants.

Because the peel is good for you

Analyzes were carried out to point out that by culturing a certain amount of apples with the peel, the development of cancer cells would be reduced by 40-60%, and by 30-40% by putting only the pulp. This difference derives from the fact that eating the fruits with the peel could have many benefits for our health. Often you decide to remove it for fear that there may be pesticides or you think it is bad. The reality is another: the peel contains 2/3 of the fibers contained in the fruit.

They are rich in vitamins such as A, C, K, rich in potassium and calcium, and would also reduce the risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease. In view of all these properties, we can say that taking this fruit once a day could have several health benefits, which is why it is recommended so much by doctors. Furthermore, in summer it is a very fresh fruit and consumed a lot in fruit salads.

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