Tax checks towards the stop: no letters from the Revenue Agency until September


Tax checks towards the stop: no letters from the Revenue Agency until September
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Tax checks towards the stop: from the last week of July to the first of September, no letters from the Revenue Agency on compliance and notices of irregularities on tax returns. The news of the summer suspension arrives on 15 July 2022 from the president of the National Council of Accountants, Elbano de Nuccio.

Tax checksthe summer truce arrives: from the last week of July 2022 the letters from the Revenue Agency on compliance And reports of irregularities on fiscal declaration they will remain in the drawer. The mailings will restart from the second week of September.

This was announced by the president of the National Council of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, Elbano de Nuccioon 15 July, at the end of an interview with the financial administration.

Fiscal checks, the truce arrives: letters from the Revenue Agency stopped since the end of July 2022

On the front of the fiscal controls L’Revenue Agency it is ready to downshift a gear, indeed to stop in the hottest weeks of the year.

“It will suspend the sending of irregularity communications of tax returns and letters aimed at compliance, in the period between the last week of July and the first of September”.

He communicated the President of the CNDCEC.

The pause concerning the mailings of communications on any inconsistencies emerging from tax audits and of calls for compliance it adds to the canonical summer break expected from 1 August.

In fact, from 2017, based on the provisions ofarticle 7-quater, paragraph 16i communication times between tax authorities and citizens dilate:

“The deadlines for the transmission of documents and information requested from taxpayers by the Revenue Agency or other tax authorities are suspended from 1 August to 4 September, excluding those relating to requests made during the access, inspection and verification activities, as well as the refund procedures for value added tax purposes. “

In the same period the term of 30 days for the payment of amicable noticesi.e. notifications of irregularities that arrive following automatic checks, as well as those sent after i formal checks and relating to the settlement of income taxes subject to separate taxation.

The canonical truce, moreover, also the general calendar of tax deadlinesin accordance with thearticle 3-quater of the law decree n. 16/2012the terms that fall of the period that goes from 1st to 20th August they are automatically deferred to August 20 (August 22 for 2022), the date by which it is possible to comply without the application of penalties and surcharges.

Tax checks, towards a summer moratorium for letters of compliance and notices of irregularities

The decision to put in stand by the communications concerning i fiscal controlstherefore, falls into a bigger picture and that also looks at the futureas he points out Elbano de Nuccio:

“The information communicated by the Revenue Agency is part of the path that the National Council is pursuing in order to fully codify a “moratorium” for the months from June to August for the sending of automated communications and compliance letters that allow accountants to focus on self-declaration obligations in the months of the most intense work “.

The stop, in fact, does not only concern the direct recipients but also grants breathing space to professionals.

Satisfaction, in fact, for the summer break for mailings also comes from National Council of Labor Consultants called into question in the first person, just to give an example, with the controls on 770 models.

“A appreciable decision which represents a substantial respite for the operation of the offices of Labor Consultants in a period generally coinciding with the closure for the summer holidays. This decision is in continuity with the decision taken this year by the Agency to stagger the sending of communications over a longer period of time in order to allow intermediaries to check the communications data more easily and effectively “.

It reads in the note published on July 15.


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