Tbe, assault on vaccines: over 1000 doses per week: “There is still room for anti-ticks” “


Tbe, assault on vaccines: over 1000 doses per week: “There is still room for anti-ticks” “
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BELLUNO – Heat and rain. A real godsend for ticks. In progression, for months, on the blades of grass of our province, as well as, for years, they have shown exponential growth everywhere. Here, even for an effective media tam tam, the r’s are increasingrequests for vaccinations against the Tbe (Tick borne encephalitisi.e. tick-borne encephalitis): in the vaccination points of Ulss 1 Dolomiti every week between 100 and 150 people from Belluno are injected with one of the 4 doses of vaccine (there are 3 for the complete cycle + the boosters). The aim is to aim at prevention, to avoid not only Borreliosis (treatable with antibiotics) but above all TB, the acute viral disease, transmitted by the mite, which can lead to consequences such as encephalitis or, in any case, to complications. of the central nervous system.


A super job at the vaccination level, therefore, awaits the health company that has developed a program for July and August that involves, in drive-in, the hospitals of Belluno (which is the Veneto center of reference for diseases transmitted by ticks ), Feltre, Agordo and Pieve di Cadore. Only until tomorrow, Friday 1 July, to be used (with seats still free!) Is the Palasketing of Sedico which, for sporting needs, then returns to the management of the Municipality. There are: fewer at San Martino (almost sold out in July), many more at Agordo. To book, just enter the website


It is estimated that the Belluno people are given about 1000 doses per week: An important offer – explains Sandro Cinquetti, director of the Public Health and Hygiene Service – also becauseAnd these vaccinations against TBE represent a pressure on the staff who, in addition to the routine vaccination program that also concerns children and adolescents, is engaged from 30 June to 15 July with the fourth anti-Covid dose to which the over eighty-year-olds and frail people“. In short, there is prevention about ticks that is added to prevention for Covid. Among other things, the vaccination program drawn up by the Ulss for the TBE is confident that there is an epidemic slowdown. WhyAnd the team is thatCinquetti points out, referring to the drive-in staff.


According to data from the health care company, the vaccine doses used in 2020 amounted to 25,003 while in 2021 they were 11,599. Finally, in 2022, the administrations are 6781 (data updated to 26 June 2022). Of these 2635 are first doses, for 1704 they are second doses, for 1331 they are third doses. To which 1111 booster doses are added. A clarification comes from Sandro Cinquetti: You are protected only after completing a primary course, even if it is true that already after the second dose there is an antibody baggage“. For Tbe we start with the dose at time zero, the second after 1-3 months, the third after 6-12 months. And the recall, every 3-5 years. This means that vaccination protection, for those who book now, has been active against infected tick bites since spring 2023. In the meantime, it is necessary to inspect oneself upon returning from a trip through meadows and woods. And if you find the tick, remove it immediately, perhaps with suitable tweezers.


Until May 2019 you paid: each dose, to the citizen who loves excursions, cost 47 euros. Since May 2019, based on a regional resolution, the TB vaccine is free for residents in the province of Belluno, more involved for cases from bite of an infected tick. A free vaccination which, for the regional council, started from a fact: between 2006 and 2018 of the 266 TB cases that were registered in the Veneto region, two thirds were from Belluno.


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