Tears on Domenica In, Mara Venier is moved: the touching words of Mika


Tears on Domenica In, Mara Venier is moved: the touching words of Mika
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TO Sunday In there is always room for lots of fun: with its guests, Mara Venier he never spares himself and jokes are the order of the day. But there are also touching moments, where emotion takes over. And it is precisely the case of the interview that saw the protagonist Mikaa long speech that ended with the tears of the presenter.

Domenica In, the interview with Mika

All-round singer and artist, but also a great showman: Mika was one of the cornerstones ofEurovision Song Contest 2022 recently concluded (with the resounding victory of the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra, which aroused some controversy). Alongside Laura Pausini and Alessandro Cattelan, she staged a truly incredible show that gave us unique emotions. Emotions that we all relived together a Sunday Inwhere Mika is intervened in video link to tell his wonderful experience.

Mara Venier took the opportunity to broadcast some of her own more suggestive performances, like the one that took place at 8 meters from the ground – and for which the singer revealed an interesting anecdote: “I thought it was a fantastic idea, but while rehearsing I realized the stupidity I had done” – he admitted, laughing. And, of course, there was also talk of the The Magic Piano Tour 2022starting next September, which will bring Mika to Italian theaters and squares for a series of sensational events.

On 3 and 4 October, the artist will be in Rome for two unmissable dates, and asked Aunt Mara to accompany him on this adventure. She did not miss the opportunity: “Since you are in the area, if by chance I work in a program called Sunday In for the 14th year – because this is the 13th edition that I do, and if my husband wants I could be there again next year -, will you come to the studio?”- asked the presenter, getting an enthusiastic“ yes ”from Mika. So the appointment is set, all that remains is to wait with a little patience for what will be a very special episode.

The emotion of Mara Venier

But the most touching moment it came shortly after, when the interview came to an end. “How do we say goodbye?” – Asked her Aunt Mara, revealing that she is not ready to let him go. And Mika let himself go to a little confidence, which aroused great emotion: “I was not joking when I used to say that if you are there it is a different thing. I’m explaining what so many in our profession think. When you call, we say yes“. The presenter, listening to these words, dissolved in tears.

“When you speak, you reach my heart” – admitted Venier, and the singer’s reply immediately arrived: “You have the same effect on me and on the many who come to talk to you. Give energy. We come out of conversations with you with incredible energy. You are almost the only one who has this power. I tell you sincerely, good girl “. Mika couldn’t have given her a better compliment, and Mara struggled to recover from her emotion. A beautiful image, which tells us more than a thousand words how much it is strong bond that the host manages to forge with his guests.

And it is perhaps precisely for this reason candies who will again lead the next edition of Sunday In, as he announced a few weeks ago – and as he reiterated during the interview with Mika. It will be an incredible season, which marks a real record: if this year it has equaled the number of editions led by Pippo Baudo (as many as 13), the next will establish a new record, to the great delight of her audience who have always shown her a great deal of affection.


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