Terra Amara Turkish Anticipations: Desperate Zuleyha. Yilmaz is dead!


Terra Amara Turkish Anticipations: Desperate Zuleyha.  Yilmaz is dead!
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Let’s discover the Advances of Terra Amara from Turkey. In the new episodes of the Canale 5 soap, Zuleyha will learn that Yilmaz was the victim of a fire that broke out in the prison and will despair over the death of her beloved.

Tense and dramatic moments in the next installments of Bitter land. The Advances on the soap turca, broadcast on Channel 5, we reveal that Gaffur will prevent Yilmaz Akkaya from escape from prisonreturning it to the police, where there is waiting for him Veilsthe half-brother of Zuleyha Altun. Due to a series of terrible misunderstandings, the latter will be convinced that Yilmaz is dead during a fire that broke out near his cell, surrendering to the idea of ​​having to remain the wife of forever Demir Yaman. Let’s find out in detail what the plots reveal.

Yilmaz escapes from prison in the new episodes of Terra Amara

Zuleyha Altun she was forced to marry Demir Yaman, pretending that the baby she is carrying is hers. The terrible staging was concocted Hunkardecided to separate Zuleyha from Yilmaz Akkayato the point of selling the young man to the police through a report onmurder of Naci. Like this, Yilmaz is located in prison but he has no intention of leaving his beloved in Demir’s hands and, just as his death sentence is being passed, escapes to reach Zuleyha. Too bad the prodigious adventure is abruptly interrupted by Gaffur, who immobilizes him and returns him to the police. The arrest is immediate and this time Yilmaz is kept under close surveillance by officials. In jail, Yilmaz he will find one of the people he hates most in the world …

Terra Bitter Advances: Yilmaz against Veli

In the new episodes of Bitter landthe soap Turkish of Channel 5, Yilmaz he is returned to the police after his attempted escape and in his cell he discovers that he is waiting for him Veilsthe Zuleyha’s half-brother guilty of the whole sequence of events that led him to kill Naci. The perfidious Hunkaraware that in prison Veils would have met Yilmazget the man a note that reveals the wedding between the stepsister and Demir. The news will shock Yilmaz to the point of causing a physical confrontation with Veilswhich will eventually hit a heat source and trigger a fire. The situation will quickly degenerate and the police will not be able to rescue all the detainees. They will be well 4 the deceased during this terrible episode. Yilmaz Will he be saved or will he be a victim of the flames? For Zuleyha there will be a chilling surprise.

Terra Amara Previews: Zuleyha desperate!

Among the victims of the fire appears the name of Yilmaz and for Zuleyah this will be too much. In reality the list of the dead has been tampered with, but the young girl ignores it and is sure that the man she loves she is. died. The Advances of the soap reveal that at this point we will see a time jump a few months, which will bring Zuleyha in the seventh month of pregnancy, intent on making the marriage work with Demir Yaman but still in love with Yilmaz, albeit certain that he is dead. The young woman, in fact, will not resign herself to the idea of ​​having lost forever the only man she has ever loved and to complicate things she will take care of the maid. Sanyiejealous of the new lady of the house, who will try to put a spoke in the wheel a Zuleyha.

Bitter land airs on Channel 5 Monday to Friday at 3.45pm.

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