Terra Luna is divided: CLASSIC arrives! | Here is the program of Do Kwon –


Terra Luna is divided: CLASSIC arrives!  |  Here is the program of Do Kwon –
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There comes another proposal for Do Kwon to try to to save what is left, actually little at least at an economic level, of Earth Moon. The old system will change to the name of Terra Classicwhile the new one will be “Terra Luna” and will no longer have anything to do with $ USTlo stablecoin which caused the ecosystem disaster.

All within a series of plans which have come and gone – and which in all likelihood will continue to do so alternatewith a redistribution to reward old and new investors, or rather, to try to get some credit and credibility, both of which were lost during the cost debacle billions of dollars overall to investors.

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The new project to save Terra Luna

Yup, Do Kwon it would still seem to have the strength to propose changes to the Earth Moonor rather to make some (last?) move to try to save what can be savedor the ecosystem of Decentralized apps which in part decreed the success of $ LUNA. All obviously without being part of the future $ USTlo stablecoin algorithmic that it was the cause of the collapse of the entire ecosystem. But what do you have in mind Do Kwon? Let’s try to see clearly.

  • A new 1 billion token chain

We will start with a new chain, which will have a airdrop from 1 billion $ LUNA tokenwhich will be attributed to the developers, holders of $ UST. All while the old chain will exist anyway, with the name of Terra Classic.

Will the Do Kwon idea work?

Something that recalls what happened within Ethereumwith the separation of Ethereum Classic at the time of the DAO crack.

  • The old chain will remain linked to UST

There will be room for it though $ UST on the old chain, which will remain online and will take the name of Terra Classic with token $ LUNC. The holders of $ LUNC they will then be “honored” with some new tokens.

  • The Terralabs wallet will be exempt

In the sense that it will not receive part of theairdropthus transforming the new one to all intents and purposes chain in a project completely in the hands of the community. Something that, at least in principle, will allow the system to be completely decentralized. Or rather, as far as a system of this type can be.

In the coffers a few pennies, impossible to bring the system “back to normal”

As we have said yesterday about the coffers of the Luna Foundation Guard, we are actually facing a rather desperate situation. The bulk of what had been accumulated was burnt to try to keep the peg from $ UST against the dollar. A situation that is the worst we could have configured.

Those who hoped for at least a part of that treasure to be restored, will unfortunately be forced to find other methods to recover the losses. Possibly without following ephemeral projects of a new conception that have only the name of the old. And not even a shred of their credibility.

Already some reactions from the old ecosystem

If something is to be recognized in the ecosystem of Earth Moon, is that in reality there are very many ready to work on a kind of rebirth. The ok of several validators have already arrived, as well as of projects that were part of the “old ecosystem”.

A sign that the ascendant of Do Kwon is it still strong? We’ll see. For now, the crypto world has been divided between those who believe in Korean and those who are still, reasonably, burned by what has happened.

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