Territorial medicine. Marino (Fimmg Es): “Doctors in agreement for Emergency Urgency must be valued”


An invitation to Minister Schillaci arrives from the National Secretary of Fimmg Emergenza “to keep in mind that the Territorial Emergency is in a large part of the national territory made up of Affiliated Doctors” and “not to consider Emergency Doctors only the Hospitallers, promising commitments only for the latter in their contractual revaluation “.

07 NOV

“The plan implemented in Emilia-Romagna by the managers of the Department of Health is now clear. It is unthinkable to use the Doctors of the Territorial Emergency while they carry out their service on the territory in the same way as the Doctors on staff in the Emergency Department and Hospital DEA. It is too convenient to unload medico-legal responsibilities related to the continuous management of patients, who are often in critical conditions, and would be left to themselves if the Doctors of the Territory are called in to their interventions outside. It is absolutely inadmissible that, during their normal working hours in the area, Doctors of the Territorial Emergency are called to work in the emergency rooms “.

It starts from here Francesco MarinoNational Secretary of Fimmg Health Emergency to ask for the utmost attention to the Affiliated Doctors operating in emergencies.

“The director general of the AUSL Emilia-Romagna Tiziano Carradori – Marino recalls – last month he stated that the doctors on board the Ambulances do not represent the added value for assisting citizens in emergency situations that require rapid and qualified medical intervention “and added that” the doctors they must all be transferred to the ERs, resulting in their definitive removal from the Territory. It would be interesting to know what citizens think about it in the case of an urgent intervention when there is a danger to life, on the arrival of an ambulance without a doctor on board – underlined Marino – we very much appreciated the words of Councilor Donini in the ‘last FIMMG Congress, when he affirmed that it is necessary to enhance the doctors of the territory, and we ask that he be the guarantor of the normal relations between the public part and representatives of the Unions of Affiliated Doctors ”.

The Fimmg then invites the New Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci “To keep in mind that the Territorial Emergency is in a large part of the national territory made up of Affiliated Doctors” and “not to consider Emergency Doctors only the Hospital Doctors, promising commitments only for the latter in their contractual revaluation”.

“Do not forget the Affiliated Doctors, who have long been asking for an adjustment of their salary in relation to at least that recognized to the Doctors of the USCA – continues Marino – during these 2 terrible years of the Pandemic, we in the Territorial Aid assisted patients suffering from Covid waiting for hours to be taken on by the DPs, and we continued to manage all the other emergency out of hospital. It is not possible to see our professional dignity trampled on once again. This is why we address this heartfelt appeal to Minister Schillaci, plus a colleague, to restore professional dignity to all staff, who very often work in extremely serious situations ”.

It is clear, adds Marino, “that it is necessary to review the training process of the Affiliated Doctors, adapt it to current needs, and above all to incentivize the Emergency Doctors by reviewing the hourly wages and relating them at least to those received by the colleagues of the USCA , because we in the area, although we have never backed down in the treatment of patients affected by Covid, also treating at the same time all non-Covid patients in danger of life who required intervention by the Territorial Emergency System, have been excluded from the refreshments awarded to the Doctors of the Hospital Emergency.

With a shortage of about 4000 doctors in the emergency rooms, and about 3 thousand doctors in the area to cope with the only specialization school in Emergency Medicine (MEU) it would take well over a decade if we think that last year they were Less than 40% of the available places were filled (about 400 out of 1200) and this year there is a demand for 50% of the places available (441 out of 886). There will be a reason if the Lazio Region and the Lombardy Region reopen the emergency qualification courses for General Practitioners.

Leanness in recruiting, the possibility of a faster recruitment procedure, to name just a few of the reasons. It is necessary – he concludes – to train and recruit Affiliated Doctors for Emergency Urgency to give an immediate response to the need to intervene early in situations of more serious danger to life and health conservation by bringing qualified interventions close to citizens. Allowing Doctors in the Territorial Emergency to complete the University training or the Training Course in General Medicine using the Job Training mode, having professionals who are already in the world of work and give them the possibility of further career opportunities, because it is unthinkable to do a job with high burnout like that of the Emergency for the whole working life “.

07 November 2022
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