Terror on the Island of the Famous, Roger gets hurt: rushed to hospital by helicopter


Terror on the Island of the Famous, Roger gets hurt: rushed to hospital by helicopter
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Roger Balduino had a very serious injury during the last episode of theIsland of the Famous. He was flown to the hospital by helicopter.

Previews of the sixteenth episode of L’Isola dei Famosi

After yet another turn around of the Mediaset network, a new episode of The Island of the Famous with Ilary Blasi. Last Monday we attended the elimination from Cayo Cochinos by Laura Maddaloni, beaten on televoting with Lory Del Santo, who reached the other castaways on Playa Sgamada. Followed by Fabrizia Santarelli

Tonight at televoting we find four famous people who risk theirs stay on the island. The question posed to the audience is who they want to save between the nice and funny Edoardo Tavassi; Marco Cucolo, the companion of Lory Del Santo who is struggling to be appreciated; Maria Laura De Vitis, the ex of Paolo Brosio and Lory Del Santo, for the umpteenth time in nomination.

According to the former surveys appeared on the web it seems that the public is willing to save Gwendolyn’s brother with almost 45% of the preferences. Followed by Lory Del Santo, Maria Laura and finally Marco who can’t even reach 10%. Obviously they are given provisional and you still have some time to express your opinion. Who will have to abandon Cayo Cochinos to head to Playa Sgamada?

You will certainly not miss a televoting flash which will be opened on the latter island where Estefania Bernal, Licia Nunez, the spouses Laura and Clemente Russo and Fabrizia Santarelli are located. One of them will have to take a plane to Italy. Who will be?

Topics to be discussed in L’Isola dei Famosi

We are sure that even this evening there will be twists and strong emotions, especially for the subjects that will need to be addressed. First of all we will talk about the kiss between Maria Laura and Alessandro, the son of Carmen Di Pietro. It all started as a joke, but it seems that between the two young boys there is something tender and his mother doesn’t like this.

The relationship that Carmen has with her son has often been the subject of discussion, because the showgirl is too apprehensive and “suffocating”. Although everyone has told her, according to her it is right but her son begins to rebel. Another relationship that will be called into question is the one between Edoardo Tavassi and Mercedesz Henger.

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These days they are getting closer and closer and it is one situation who also noticed his sister Guendalina. Initially, the latter had a particular reaction, almost of jealousy. But secondly she said to herself amused seeing his brother so romantic and attentive with a woman. Tonight we will see some good ones.

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Terror on the Island of the Famous, Roger gets hurt: rushed to hospital

Fear among competitors of theIsland of the Famous for the terrible accident that hit the poor man Roger Balduino.

The latter had challenged Clemente Russo. Right in the final phase he accused a serious ankle problem. The traveling companions were immediately very worried.

The doctors who immobilized the limb intervened promptly. The castaway was transported by helicopter to the reference clinic. The X-ray showed a distortion that was also quite important, fortunately no fracture.

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