Tesla, orders open for the new model


Tesla, orders open for the new model
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The expectation is growing to see the brand new on the street Tesla Seeds, the first electric truck of the American multinational that was presented many years ago. In fact, five years have passed since the presentation of the concept of the heavy vehicle and today, after design and development, another historic step has been reached for Elon Musk’s company that has opened the orders for the vehicle.

Tesla Semi, off to orders

To see it materially at work, we will have to wait another year, but the opening of the orders on the website of the South African entrepreneur’s brand creates a lot of enthusiasm in aficionados of the brand. Tesla Semi, in fact, it will arrive only in 2023 to allow the development of a dedicated charging infrastructure, called Megacharger. Initially, however, the vehicle will be distributed only for the American domestic market, as is also suggested by the company’s choice not to open reservations on European sites (despite the numerous records recorded in the Old Continent).

After some postponements between 2021 and 2022, however, the big day has arrived and the company has opened the orders for the truck that Musk has always wanted on the American website. To reserve Semi, Tesla’s first and innovative electric truck, you will need to pay one deposit of $ 5,000to which another deposit from $ 15,000 to block the order which must take place within 10 days of the first. But that’s not all. In fact, for each specimen booked, an additional 20,000 dollars will have to be added, for a total of $ 40,000 for booking alone.

Tesla trucks, price and features

To be able to grab one of the specimens offered for sale on the site of the American house, however, further economic efforts will be required. Tesla Semi, in fact, has a valuation that varies between 150,000 and 180,000 dollars based on the model chosen. In fact, there are two different versions, which depending on the technical characteristics, orient the price on one or the other target. Specifically, as revealed by Tesla, the two versions of Semi are the following:

  • Tesla Semi with 480 km of autonomy, at an estimated price of $ 150,000
  • Tesla Semi with 800 km of autonomyat the price we are 180.00 dollars

Able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 20 seconds when fully loaded (approximately 80,000 lbs), the heavy vehicle stands as the fastest truck in the world never designed. To do this, Tesla has focused on 4 electric motors all placed on the rear axle, which allow the Semi to reach the maximum speed of 60 miles per hour (96 km / h) at full load on climbs with gradients of 5% and guarantees a average consumption of only 2kWh per mile. The company, after having developed the truck that is ready to amaze everyone, has also announced that the average consumption of Semi is 1.25 kWh / km.

For the debut, therefore, we will have to wait until 2023, with no room for surprises on the part of Musk. The entrepreneur, during the inauguration of the Gigafactory in Austin, announced in recent weeks that in 2022 no new Tesla models will be placed on the market due to the difficult global industrial situation that is heavily affected by the two emergencies that have hit the world, the pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine which has slowed the arrival of important components for all car manufacturers.


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