The ‘2×2 rule’ to get a flat and sculpted stomach, here’s how


We are about to leave for the holidays and we would all like to be able to show off a flat stomach along with a nice toned physique.

There “soft” belly it is one of those conditions that they have in common lots of peoplemen and women.

Adobe StockE there are so many causes that lead us to have those annoying extra pounds on us. Just in the usual areas. From the genetic predisposition at the poor nutritionfrom sedentary work to the wrong execution of exercises.

Fortunately, there are many certified experts who offer us useful advice. And also the description of workouts that can get us back – properly – in shape. Today we are talking about a “formula” that is getting a lot of success. This is the 2 × 2, that is how to get a flat stomach with 2 exercises in 2 weeks.

What are the causes of “big belly” and how to recognize them

Among the many things we can do to show off a healthy and dry physiqueof course the first thing is to realize. And he agre with reasoning. It is useless, in fact, to gorge on refined and caloric foods and then hope for the “miracle”. The adoption of balanced lifestyles it is vital to first and foremost ensure a good health. This, then, will also pour into theaesthetic appearance.

It is also true, however, that the big bellyfat and swollen is one very common condition, and contrary to what one might think it affects women more than men. The swelling abdomen – often associated with pain and discomfort – is certainly caused by awrong diet, but not only. For example, even one incorrect chewing and / or smoking can increase the air inside the belly.

Perhaps not everyone knows that a big belly can be given by dehydrationor from a state of emotional stress. And again, who uses medicines for depression, antibiotics, gastroprotectors And anti-inflammatory is more prone to developing a “soft” abdomen.

Let’s not forget the hormonal disruptionsthan in women over 45 years old they begin to do slow down your metabolism. Resulting in generalized fattening and / or swelling. Finally, let us remember that some too Health problems they can manifest as a swollen belly. For example irritable colon and celiac disease. Obviously, if you suspect any of these diseases, you have to consult your doctor caring.

However, excluding the aforementioned problems, we can try to get back in shape in 2 weeksthanks to exercises recommended by fitness experts.

Flat stomach and sculpted abs with expert advice

There is one study published by ACE Fitness Certification which reveals how two simple exercises can make your stomach feel flat again, burn abdominal fat and especially define the oblique abdominals. All in two weeks.

The first exercise is carried out on the mat and we need one medicine ball. Alternatively, the classic soccer ball can also be used. You have to lie on your stomach and with your legs bent with your knees towards your chest. Feet resting on the ground. we take the ball and, raising the torso, we accompany it to the right and left, towards the knees. The sessions they are composed by 10 lifts per side.

The according to exercise it is always carried out on the mat, but starting from a completely extended position, always face up. Need lift the torso and touch the right foot with the left hand, and vice versa. All time 10 times per side.

Experts guarantee that these daily exercises offer good results even after 10 days. It is necessary though carry them out correctly because beginners could trigger muscle tears or back pain.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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