The Alfa Romeo Giulia to a new life with ErreErre Fuoriserie


The Alfa Romeo Giulia to a new life with ErreErre Fuoriserie
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The Turin atelier ErreErre Fuoriserie pays homage to Giulia’s sixty years with a very special Retromod, which debuts on the streets of Sardinia. It starts with the Giulia Quadrifoglio to give suggestions of the past to a modern, safe and high-performance car

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The ErreErre Fuoriserie team is a journey through time, paying homage to the sixty years of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, with a model that becomes much more than a simple retromod (not restomod). Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie unveils itself to the public on the roads of the Costa Smeralda on the occasion of the imposing, aggressive Poltu Quatu Classic Concorso d’Eleganza, recounting the suggestions of a car from the past in a totally modern key. Starting from the Giulia Quadrifoglio, a car body in carbon fiber has been recreated, with a line that winks at the iconic heir of the Giulietta, but conceptually bringing all those hints of the future as a dowry, which then made the model so successful: a lot of technology, cutting-edge mechanics, with aerodynamics and performance that exceeded all expectations. Today as then, with different parameters, the Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie is all this. With lots of carbon, lots of horsepower, and a surprising line. “We think that the ambition, the courage, and the dream for the cars that are no longer there have given life to a project capable of surprising and evolving a style path now rooted in the heart of us petrolheads: the retromod defined as the granddaughter who wears her grandmother’s dress “says Gianluca Rubatto, head of the research and development department of ErreErre Fuoriserie. A challenge that required five thousand hours of work, just to complete the design phase, to keep the geometry of the car and the supporting frame unchanged.


The aim of the Turin start-up ErreErre Fuoriserie was to re-propose the charm of the Giulia Tipo 105, combining a retro look – but not too much – with very modern and performing mechanics, that of the current generation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio with 2.9 V6 engine. 510 hp twin-turbo. “Giulia ErreErre is a dream that took shape after a couple of years of:” Shall we make a car different from the usual? “- explains the CFO and Marketing Manager Luca Rubatto -. And the car different from the usual could only be Giulia, with all the pluses that only a modern car can give, first of all safety, and servicing at the parent company or any authorized workshop. Carrozzeria Giulia 105 from 1962 restyled in a modern key, a car that marked an era, in heart of all Alfisti and not – continues Rubatto – and in 8 months we arrived from the first sketch, to number 01 at Poltu Quatu Classic 2022, for Giulia’s 60th birthday “.


Entirely built in carbon, the new ErreErre Fuoriserie first of all wants to present itself as a safe and fully usable car. Here the “P” points have not been modified to ensure the active and passive safety of the factory, which the parent company has developed and tested, and the engine remains the 510 hp 2.9 biturbo to which no changes have been made, as well as to the suspension and interior. The newly designed 19-inch CNC-milled wheels have been specially designed for Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie, while maintaining the same measurements and dimensions as the Quadrifoglio version for both the front and rear axles. In any case, the Turin atelier reserves the possibility of modifying the interior with dedicated materials to the customer. “Giulia was very favorably received by the public and by the experts – explains Fabrizio Rossini, Designer and Project Manager – we also expected some criticism, and some have arrived, but it’s part of the game. We can’t please everyone”.


According to what was announced by the Turin atelier, the planned production for Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie is 99 units, including 3 cars dedicated to special projects. The first deliveries will be possible starting from February 2023. The price for the first 10 cars is set at 196,206.27 euros plus VAT and the Giulia Quadrifoglio donor car. A little secret. The price does not arise by chance and true Alfists will notice it immediately: it is the date of presentation of the Giulia 105: June 27, 1962.

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