The best-selling used hybrid cars in Italy


The best-selling used hybrid cars in Italy
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Hybrid cars are spreading more and more on the Italian market, and beyond. A valid alternative to electric cars, which today still face many obstacles, including high list prices and the lack of charging stations, which are essential for traveling with zero emissions.

In this regard, Autohero Italia (the leading used car online shop in Europe) has created the ranking of the best-selling used hybrid cars in 2022and not only that, it also outlined the three regions most inclined to purchase this type of car.

The ranking

Let’s see which according to Autohero are the three most successful hybrid used cars in 2022 in Italy, the most purchased. The company has also identified the three regions where the used hybrid is requested most frequently. Today the purchase of used cars online is a growing trend and for this reason it is necessary to adapt the offer to the changes of consumers, who are increasingly looking for sustainable solutions.

A need that is not dictated exclusively by the desire to prepare for the future of mobility and the reduction of polluting emissions and by the desire to comply with the ever more stringent incoming regulations, but also by the desire to give one’s contribution in the transition towards a more sustainable way to travel.

So let’s see what are the three most purchased used hybrid cars in Italy. In third place is the Fiat Panda, with 9% of the total hybrid cars sold by Autohero in 2022, closes the podium. We know that the Fiat icon has been among the best-selling city cars on the Italian market for the past 40 years, and in fact we can also find it in this particular Top 3 in the mild hybrid version. The 1.0 three-cylinder internal combustion engine derived from the Firefly family is supported by a small 12-volt battery that intervenes when starting and starting from low speed.

In second place is Toyota C-HR, another preferred choice by consumers; it represents 13% of the total hybrid vehicles sold by Autohero in 2022. This 5-seater full hybrid petrol crossover is the optimal choice for those who travel in the city, also indulging in various outings. Road holding is good and the 184 HP hybrid system consumes very little, especially in city traffic.

The best-selling used hybrid car in Italy

And finally, which is the absolute best seller? 19% of used and reconditioned hybrid cars sold in 2022 by Autohero is a Toyota Yaris, the award-winning one. Practical and with high levels of efficiency, this car that has been so well known and loved on the market for decades has precise steering and immediate braking. The comfort is good, this full hybrid is a small car with very low average fuel consumption.

The regions where used hybrid cars are more successful

Moving on to the Top 3 regions where used hybrids are most in demand, it is no surprise that a third of the hybrid cars sold in 2022 by Autohero are concentrated in Lombardy (33.5%), a region that is gearing up to support hybrid and electric mobility with over 4,000 charging points in total. In second place the Lazio with 14.3%, which wins silver also for the presence of charging stations with a network of over 2,500 chargers, followed byEmilia Romagna with 7.3% of used hybrid cars sold on Autohero in 2022 and a network of charging points exceeding 2,000 columns.


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