The best vacuum cleaners and robots on offer for Black Friday


The best vacuum cleaners and robots on offer for Black Friday
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Home appliances are undoubtedly one of the most discounted categories in the Black Friday. There are really a lot of offers and it is possible to do great deals sometimes with discounts of more than 30%. It is therefore appropriate to make a careful selection (Here you will find our 10 tips) in order to discover the most advantageous products and those that offer the best performance.

That’s exactly what we did. In this guide you will find the best models on offer throughout the week of Black Friday Week, until November 28th. The offers are linked to the actual availability of the product which may vary.

The absolute best buy

It is in our opinion the best deal of this Black Friday. Dreame L10S Pro with a discount of over 20% it allows you to have everything you want with reduced dimensions and truly top performance. Suction power of 5300Pa, double counter-rotating mop for washing, 190ml water tank and 450ml dust tank.

The 5200 mAh battery ensures an autonomy of over two hours and can be managed in all its aspects through the application. The optical sensor on the front allows you to avoid any small obstacles along the way.

You can buy it on offer via this link

Cheap but powerful

Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner A11 Hero

There Tineco A11 Hero it is among the cheapest that can be found on offer with a discount of almost 50%. It offers a power of 450W and 22,000Pa of suction, thus placing itself on the same level as the most famous vacuum cleaners. However, it is characterized by a really top endowment, with two batteries that ensure an autonomy of about 50 minutes each.

Then there are two cleaning accessories, the extension tube and a filter cleaner that allows you to maintain high efficiency by avoiding waste and waste. Excellent for those with pets, but also delicate floors, thanks to the LED-assisted brush that allows you to better identify dirt.

You can buy it on offer via this link

No autonomy problems

  Shark [NZ801EUT] Corded Vacuum Cleaner

There Shark Anti Hair Wrap it is distinguished by the absence of batteries. It is powered by an 8-metre cable which allows you to move freely without having to think about the remaining autonomy. The Anti Hair Wrap technology allows you to effectively suck up animal hair and even very long hair, without these becoming entangled around the brush.

Convenient and versatile, it features a large dust tank that can be emptied and can be used on carpets, delicate floors and hard floors without any problems.

You can buy it on offer via this link

Floors never so clean

Dreame H12 Vacuum Cleaner Floor Cleaner Suctions Liquids

Dream H12 it is one of those vacuum cleaners that manages to innovate with an efficiency never seen before. A truly innovative floor cleaning vacuum cleaner that has two tanks, one for clean water and the other for collecting dirty water, and a rotating brush that allows you to suck up solids and liquids and clean thoroughly. The package comes with various accessories including a bottle of detergent.

Thanks to it, you get really clean floors with the ability to clean any type of dirt, from drops of wine to pebbles through hair and hair. The automatic mode recognizes the amount of dirt by regulating the power.

You can buy it on offer via this link

Among the smartest

ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 TURBO robot vacuum cleaner

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo it is without a doubt among the smartest robots currently available. It is in fact equipped with a washing station with two tanks for clean and dirty water with a capacity of 4 liters each. The base allows you to moisten the two counter-rotating cloths, which allow you to wash the floor thoroughly but not only. Once cleaning is complete, the cloths are washed again and dried with cold air, to ensure better hygiene.

The suction power is 5000Pa, with a double front brush and a central brush for a better grip. There is also the AIVI 3.0 optical sensor to be able to avoid small obstacles and use the video surveillance function. Finally, the Yiko voice assistant which allows you to interact with the robot via voice commands while being able to take advantage of all its functions.

You can buy it on Amazon on offer via this link

The best buy of cordless vacuum cleaners

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G10, Wireless Electric Broom

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G10 it was and is a firm favorite among all. The right compromise between power, functions, autonomy and design. Included in the package are four accessories for everyday cleaning and a mopping system that allows you to pass a cloth on the floors for a more thorough cleaning.

It has a five-stage filtration system that blocks all dust particles and a practical TFT display that shows the remaining autonomy and the selected cleaning mode.

You can buy it on offer on Amazon via this link

The robot for pet owners

ECOVACS Robot vacuum cleaner DEEBOT T9AIVI 3000Pa

L’Ecovacs T9 AIVI it is not the most recent but still remains one of the most valid for those who have animals at home. It is in fact one of the few to adopt iRobot’s AeroForce technology, with a double counter-rotating silicone brush that allows you to collect hair and long hair without them getting tangled. Present the washing mode with Ozmo Pro 3.0 technology. A cloth that vibrates up to 480 times per minute to leave a clean and shiny floor.

Finally, Aivi 3D technology, which not only allows you to avoid even the smallest obstacles, but to use advanced video surveillance and two-way audio functions.

You can buy it on offer on Amazon via this link

With self-draining base

iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba i7+ it was the first robot vacuum cleaner to hit the market with a self-draining base. An innovative recharging station that allows you to empty the dust tank inside the robot in order to make cleaning completely automatic.

The Genius 3.0 platform also allows you to start the robot according to our actions. For example when we leave the house, or when we lower the blinds. Compatible with Google and Amazon voice assistants, intelligent navigation allows it to clean large spaces with ease.

You can buy it on offer on Amazon via this link.

Better than Dyson?

Tineco PURE ONE S15 Essentials Electric Broom

Tineco Pure One S15 comes to the market with a clear intention. Challenging Dyson’s dominance. It does so not only with top features and technologies, but with a lower price that becomes even more attractive on offer. The package includes the convenient charging station, which allows you to save space. The main brush features a system with two rows of bristles that also capture hair and hair as well as dirt.

The practical LCD display in the upper part integrates the iLoop technology which allows you to identify the amount of dirt and automatically adapt the power.

You can buy it on Amazon via this link

The top-of-the-range robot


Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is the most advanced vacuum cleaner of the moment. Not only does it vacuum with a power of 5300Pa, but above all it washes with two counter-rotating mops. The impressive base allows you to wet the clothes, wash them and dry them with hot air, but also to empty the dust tank in order to have a fully automated robot.

It integrates the Yiko voice assistant, but also the Aivi 3.0 3D sensor to be able to manage the robot and its functions through simple voice commands. Mapping is complete and can be customized using the dedicated application.

You can buy it on Amazon via this link

The top of the range scrubber dryer

Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco Floor One S5 it is without a doubt the floor cleaner vacuum cleaner of the moment. The most advanced in terms of technology. In fact, it includes Wi-Fi connectivity to be managed via an application, but also a beautiful LCD display that illustrates the functions, the remaining battery and the functioning of the iLoop sensor. If the dirt is very intense, the Floor One S5 increases the power and the water flow, for a deeper cleaning.

The charging base also allows you to wash the brush after each cleaning in order to always keep it ready to clean.

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