The coolest island in Greece (thanks to Ferragni)


The coolest island in Greece (thanks to Ferragni)
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It is considered the “Capri of Greece”And it is a real pearl, so beautiful that it was chosen by the Queen of influencers to spend a holiday with friends. We are talking about Chiara Ferragniobviously.

The digital entrepreneur, as she likes to call herself, has just left the island after a few days of carefree vacation between sunbathing, boat trips, sunset ballets and big and fat eats of Greek specialties.

The island that hosted Ferragni and the group of closest friends is Hydra (or Idra), in the Saronic Gulf, a place much loved by the most chic Athenians, full of charming hotels – such as the Mandraki Beach Resort, a boutique 5-star hotel that hosted the group – and with a sea to be envied.

Why go to Hydra

It is certainly not the destination for fun, even if you will find plenty of relaxation. We speak rather of small courtyards and tasteful boutiques, of an architecture that makes you dream with its own bougainvillea that are reminiscent, in part, of the landscapes of splendid Santorini, but with that extra touch of class.

Here there are guests such as Henry Miller, Leonard Cohen and Jannis Kounellis who have chosen its beauties to have a second home here.

In Hydra everything is within walking distance. The island measures only 20 kilometers by 6 kilometers wide. A small, almost private paradise. Still, the island is said to have a church for every day of the year. They count well 300 churches in just 50 square kilometers.

One of the characteristics of the island is that there is one total absence of cars and, to move around, donkeys are mainly used. All these details make Hydra an island where you can enjoy a relaxing stay.

There is a single inhabited center, located on the north-west coast consisting of several picturesque towns. One is Hydra, homonymous of the island and its capital, characterized by white houses arranged around what is the port that connects the island to Athens. The two cannons at the ends were once used to defend against pirates.

The historic Hydra

But Hydra is not only fun, but also history. The first traces of settlements date back to the Neolithic era, passing through other important periods, such as that of the War of Independence. Some artifacts of war relevance can be admired in the Byzantine and Ecclesiastical museum and the Historical one, both in the town of Hydra. In the second, as well as paintings of historical characters and heroes, you can find ancient firearms and miniature reproductions of ships.

Not to be missed is a visit to some monasteries not far from the capital. The most important are that of the prophet Elias, where several heroes of the Greek War of Independence were imprisoned at the time, and those of Sant’Eupraxia and Palion Kalograion. In the southern part, however, there are the Monastery of the Virgin Mary of Zoubras and that of San Nicola, belonging respectively to the nineteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The beaches of Hydra

Obviously, Hydra is also characterized by beautiful beaches, extremely crowded in August, but pleasant during the rest of the summer. The most beautiful are Spilla, a rocky beach with dark waters and a splendid view of the bay, and Hydronetta, a pebble beach where a popular cocktail bar is also located.

How to reach Hydra

The easiest way to experience Hydra’s slow pace is undoubtedly the hydrofoil (Ferragni’s one broke in the middle of the sea, but usually it doesn’t). With only an hour and a half from Piraeus you arrive in this small pearl, as silent as it is beautiful.


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