The dinner time affects our health | Breaching could cause serious damage


You don’t just need to eat properly, but also the right times. The results of this research will surprise you

We have repeatedly warned you that much of our health, physical and mental, is due to the world in which we feed and nourish ourselves. Today, however, we must integrate the concept by advising you not only to eat healthy. But also to eat at certain times. Otherwise, the risk of having physical problems is there.

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As we know, proper nutrition is essential to make us feel good. What we didn’t know, however, is that the times we eat are also very important. All of this emerges from recent medical research carried out in Japan, which was also published in scientific journals.

In fact, as always when we talk about health, we advise you to stick only to reliable indications, which inevitably come from science. 28,625 men and 43,213 women aged between 40 and 79 were involved in the Japanese research.

In turn, there was a distinction into three groups: the early dinner group (before 8pm), the irregular dinner group (therefore always at erratic times) and the late dinner group (after 8pm). Well, the results of this research will surprise you.

The risk of stroke

Cerebrovascular diseases are the second leading cause of death in Italy, with 55,434 deaths in 2018 alone. Stroke is the leading cause of disability in adults and the second leading cause of dementia. To learn about and prevent stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases, the Ministry of Health has released a document aimed at citizens, with advice on lifestyles to protect themselves and useful information to recognize the possible appearance of symptoms.

Stroke risk (web source) 22.5.2022 direttanews
Stroke risk (web source)

Among the recommendations: do not smoke, exercise regularly, avoid alcohol consumption, follow a correct diet, do not exceed three cups of coffee a day. All indications that, all in all, we can almost consider “trivial” in light of the important research that has been done in all these years.

In fact, cerebrovascular diseases are “time-dependent”. This means that the quicker action is taken, the lower the risk of serious or fatal outcomes. Cerebrovascular diseases often have a sudden onset, but they can also manifest themselves with a blurred and slowly worsening symptomatology over time.

But they are “time-dependent” in another sense as well. Research carried out in Japan, in fact, would have shown that those who ate dinner at irregular times had a greater risk of mortality from hemorrhagic stroke, caused, in most cases, by hypertension that can weaken the arteries of the brain.. A stroke, in fact, occurs when a blood vessel inside the skull bursts and bleeds into the brain.

Obviously, as often happens on such complex issues as those concerning our brain, the research will continue in Japan and beyond. But, at the moment, Researchers suggest that the right time to have dinner to decrease stroke risk is before 8pm.

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