The eyes of the heart are not needed to look and love Boris 4


The eyes of the heart are not needed to look and love Boris 4
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It was the beginning of February 2021 when “so de botto, nonsense” came the news that millions of people had been waiting for about ten years, since the film that was to mark the official conclusion after the three seasons of the series was released: Boris 4 it had finally gone from a fan’s forbidden dream to an official project, with the reunion of the old cast almost complete.

On October 26, 2022, all 8 episodes of the fourth season of Boris, and for those who – like us – had been waiting for that moment for a long time, there was a fear impossible to ignore: what if the new episodes weren’t up to par? What if Boris 4 ruined our sweet memories related to this series?

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Well, if you haven’t seen it yet Boris 4 precisely for these doubts, for this fear of being disappointed, it is to you that we turn with our review. To convince you to watch it, and thus – indirectly – favor the possibility that there is also a season 5: because yes, Boris 4 it is not a last round of waltzes for nostalgics, but it could become the restart of one of the most popular series ever in Italy. So, let’s try to convince you by summarizing first the plot (without spoilers) and then the reasons why we liked it so much.


What Boris is talking about 4

After so many years, the de The Eyes of the Heart (and of Medical Dimension…) finds himself for a project that is necessarily crazy since it was born from the sick mind of Stanis Larochelle: a TV series (no longer called fiction) about the life of Jesus, in which of course Stanis is Jesus.


The first miracle to perform, however, is to convince those responsible for the phantom “platform” to acquire and produce this series. And in this sense, the fact that the person in charge of the platform is Alessandro (Alessandro Tiberi), also known as Seppia, or the former career trainee, can be decisive.


And so begins the filming of this crazy project, which brings together friends and colleagues of a lifetime, but also some new faces, both in front of and behind the cameras. SNIP – So not Italian Productions – by Stanis and Corinna (Carolina Crescentini), and with the QQQ – Quality quality quality – by Diego Lopez (Antonio Catania) will be able to give life to a product that for once is not made “at approx. ..or dog “? Doubting it is legitimate, but we do not go further so as not to spoil and we invite you to watch the official trailer of the new season of Boris

Why you shouldn’t miss Boris 4

If we had to summarize in one sentence the answer to the question “why look Boris 4? “, we would probably say: because it lives up to previous seasons, apart from the number of episodes.


In a way, it’s almost as if this Boris 4 it was not a new season written, filmed and performed over ten years later, but as if eight old but unreleased episodes had sprung from the archives. Same artistic level, same hilarity, we would say same quality if it weren’t for the fact that “quality has broken the c.”. And then you laugh, you mess around like in the old days, and you immediately feel younger.

Then, however, you notice the wrinkles on the faces of the performers, the baldness of Sermonti-Stanis, the graying of Pannofino-Renè, and you realize that time has passed for everyone, both in the audience and in the cast. Except for Caterina Guzzanti-Arianna (but perhaps her immutability depends on the fact that we have always been in love with her).


And then you don’t need the “eyes of the heart” to look Boris 4 and laugh to tears. Indeed, we do not want to ruin anything but at a certain point we just cry, when there is a dutiful homage to the late Mattia Torre, who with Giacomo Ciarrapico and Luca Vendruscolo created Boris many years ago.


For this reason, beyond any discourse on the plot, new and old interpreters and new and old plots, the vision of Boris 4 it is absolutely recommended to anyone who loved old Boris and his characters, even the “secondary” ones like Biascica, Duccio, Lorenzo, Alfredo, Mariano, Nando, Glauco and all the others.


Because in this new season we will reflect ourselves, laughing and crying, feeling younger and older, and praying the damn algorithm to give the “lock” to Boris 5.

Rating: 10


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