The ferocious quarrel between Sgarbi and Morgan, divorce in chat: “He stabbed and humiliated me…”. The critic: “You’re a mouse…”


The ferocious quarrel between Sgarbi and Morgan, divorce in chat: “He stabbed and humiliated me…”.  The critic: “You’re a mouse…”
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It ended with a de facto divorce between Morgan and Vittorio Sgarbi, a dispute that broke out in a chat, where there were politicians, journalists and intellectuals, with a series of expulsions by the singer starting with various Pd exponents, then Diego Fusaro and many others considered close to the art critic, and finally the rift between the two now former friends. As it reports Mowthe clash took place yesterday January 13 in the Whatsapp group Renaissance dissolution which concluded with Sgarbi’s expulsion of Morgan himself from the group shortly after 8 pm. It all stemmed from a discussion on Luigi Tencoor from a letter written by Morgan 5 years ago to the singer-songwriter’s niece, Patriciawhich was posted by the site Mow on January 7, 2023, and then resumed by Rockol the next day. In the text Morgan accused the family of not having the ability to manage the legacy of a “genius” because they dropped his proposal to restore the production of Tenco. Furthermore, some of the singer’s statements from the Renaissance Dissolution chat were reported in the articles in question. The lawyer of the Tenco family then replied to the letter by issuing a statement in which the singer’s accusations were defined as false.

OPEN | Morgan’s threatening message to Sgarbi’s “friends”.
OPEN | Morgan still attacks Sgarbi’s “friends” in chat

Morgan’s disappointment

Subsequently, some – on behalf of the chat – they further replied to the family statement supporting Morgadeclaring that the sentences reported were a lie. «We strongly reject any mention or any accusation of the Tenco Prize 2022, broadcast on RAI on the night between 7 and 8 January 2023 and any content of the articles published in the press referring to it, given that no statements have been made on the matter by Morgan,” the statement reads. The latter is shared in the Whatsapp chat asking for maximum diffusion, without however reaping great results. Disappointed Morgan from the low diffusion of the press release, he thus asks in the chat to be supported, considering «ignorant and ungrateful» those who would not have supported him.

The heated exchange of messages between the two

Being admin of the group, Morgan started kicking several chat participants. And many of these were friends of Vittorio Sgarbi. So the latter, seeing the situation, removed Morgan from the group and in the meantime, reports Mowhe vented in another chat, entitled «Ministry of Culture». And here Morgan shared the screenshot of a private chat between the two in which the art critic wrote to him: «I didn’t even think about you. You are a mouse». Also in this chat a heated exchange of messages from both arises. “I asked you for solidarity and support. Sgarbi stabbed and humiliated me, although I have always loyally supported him, he allowed himself to do this to me, why? Why did I express outrage?” Morgan denounces. And again: «How much time have I wasted for Sgarbi, how many nights, how many words, how many dreams. If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be undersecretary. So do the bad guys. They exploit and then they stab.” And he added: «I told him it was unfair and he replied that I am a mouse who laughs at me with his friends and who never deluded himself that I was worthy. It’s not a friendship, it’s my illusion, but he’s not my friend. He’s always just used me.”

MOW / Chat screenshot between Sgarbi and Morgan, January 2023

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