The first Asian car among the excellences in Italy


The first Asian car among the excellences in Italy
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There is always a first time and this is one of the historic ones, with the first Asian car winning a place in the exclusive collection of the Turin Automobile Museum. This is the award-winning crossover Kia EV6the 100% electric Asian compact that has already made a name for itself by winning the award as Car of the Year 2022. But the successes for the Korean brand don’t seem to end there.

An Asian among the excellences in Italy

Already a point of reference in the Italian market for 100% electric zero-emission vehicles, Kia EV6 has managed to go where many Asian manufacturers dreamed of reaching. A true ambassador of the brand’s electric ambitions (we talked to you here about the “electric way”, the new direction of Kia), the crossover has won a place at Mauto thanks to the perfect mix of technology and design which, even inside the Museum that welcomes the excellence in Italy, is exalted.

Donated by Kia Italia, the EV6 specimen present at the Turin Automobile Museum was entrusted to architects and designers Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba, winners of numerous awards such as the Compasso d’oro, to create aartistic installation which stages the ideal optical effect to represent the energy that surrounds the car when it is in motion.

Kia EV6, a crossover that surprises

Giuseppe Bitti, managing director of Kia Italia, can be said to be more than satisfied with the fantastic milestone reached with the company’s electric: “Being able to boast of the stable presence of one of our cars in a real institution in the national automotive scene like the Mauto fills us of pride and satisfaction “. Feelings that can be amplified more and more thanks to the numbers recorded in recent months by the Korean crossover.

In fact, the sales figures confirm the success of the Kia modelwhich since the global launch in the spring of 2021, has conquered everyone around the world, recording the sale of about 29,600 EV6s, of which 16,000 in Europe, while in Italy the orders already exceed 200 units.

“With this car, Kia has been able to combine the best of the technological offer for electric mobility with a futuristic design that has become a real manifesto for the genesis of the Kia of the futureā€¯Declared Giuseppe Mazzara, Marketing Communication & Crm. Director of Kia Italia.

Mauto, the exclusive collection

The presence of the Kia EV6 at the Mauto is truly a historical page for the Museum, which houses over 200 original cars among the rarest and most interesting of its kind. The cars present in Turin, in fact, come from all over the world and represent creativity, technical excellence and manufacturing expertise, but also and above all history.

Each piece of the collection, in fact, has written in its own way an indelible page of history, be it social, costume or sports. Here then is the story of the car in all its facets inside the Mauto, with an exhibition itinerary that traces the continuous evolution of the car.

The passion for progress which has prompted manufacturers, entrepreneurs and pilots to focus on the symbol of transport of the twentieth century and, walking among the various stands, it is possible to retrace the innovations that have led from the internal combustion engine to the most recent projects ready to revolutionize the mobility of the future (as Kia EV6 is also doing).


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