The focus is on electricity, lots of new fast charge columns on the way


Italy is about to install many new columns, thanks to the incentives that the state is about to grant, let’s find out more.

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The State as we know and see, it is trying to increase the sustainable mobilityusing the electric and hybrid cars. A slice of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), will be used to install, many new charging stations. The announcementfor companies who work in the sectorbut they will have to respect some parameters. Let’s discover these then parameterslet’s take a closer look at the national announcement.

How the Ministerial call works

The announcement it’s aboutinstallation of fast and super-fast columnswhich are already found in some national placeswhile atabroad I am already many. The project which comes from PNRR sees the use of funds until the 40% non-repayableto develop the network of columns, for a cost that wanders on 741,300,000 euros. there competition will be managed by Ministry of Ecological Transactionwhich has already issued the operational programgiving all competitors the informationfor apply.

The announcement it divides by three types of columnsand will begin at the end of this year, to repeat the competition until the 2024. The are already underway consultations between MILD and the participating companiesto try to find the right points to be used, in announcement. This consultation serves to favor yes the competitionbut also to help the same mobility. The Government want to do a good jobsince since 2026 in the member countries of the European Unioncan only be sold electric or hybrid cars.

Bollards in the city
Charging stations in cities –

There typology from small columns that you can take with the announcementas we said they are three, let’s see them better. There will be superfast columnswhich are the ones you do place in suburban roadsand they are capable of coming up with one power of 350 kW from energy supply. Another type are the fast charging columnswhich are placed in the urban streetsand arrive at a power of 100 kW of energy supply. The last type is that of stations for recharging with accumulationwhere however little is known.

Who can participate in the call?

There participation in the announcement there can be, if you are inside certain requirements. The participating companies they must have managed at least 50 operational charging stationsat least one year. The Ministry of Ecological Transactions put gods stakes very specific. You will be able to receive a maximum of 81,000 eurosfor each super-fast charging station. In fast reloads, the roof is fixed to 50,000 euros per station. Attention because once i took the fundsyou will have to use them by 12 monthsotherwise yes lose everything.

Lady charging car
A lady recharges her electric car –

The May 23 the period where you can do the remarksand will end on June 6. In the remarksthe method of assigning pointsand the redevelopment project of the stations already present. There retraining it’s a target that it State wants to carry it all the way, since you want to improve existing stations. We wait for the competition and then we will give ratings.

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