The Ford Bronco arrives in Europe in 2023. The price? Still not known


The Ford Bronco arrives in Europe in 2023. The price?  Still not known
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The American company confirms that the Ford Bronco off-road vehicle will also arrive on the European market by 2023 in a limited number of specimens

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Ford has announced that the Bronco off-road vehicle will land in Europe and will be available in a limited number of specimens and only for certain markets. The prices and engines that will be on sale in the old continent have not yet been announced. What is known is that the American house has decided to exclusively market the five-door version.

super off road capability

Aesthetically, the Ford Bronco, which came out in America in 2020, is inspired by the old model, which remained on the market from 1965 to 1996. The lines are square, the overhangs reduced, the body panels are flat, a large horizontal grille where the written Bronco, and, above all, is characterized by strong off-road qualities. Furthermore, ample space has also been given to customization, made possible by the different types of accessories available. From a technical point of view, the Ford Bronco has a chassis with side members, with independent suspension at the front and rear with a rigid axle. The ground clearance of 21 cm, which reaches up to 29 cm with 35 ”tires, allows you to better tackle all types of surfaces, even the most uneven.

born for adventure

The car also features the Terrain Management System, which optimizes traction based on driving conditions and the road surface. The driver has a choice of seven programs, ranging from the most road to those optimized for rocks and mud. The Bronco is optionally available with a two-speed electronic transfer case that allows you to change gear on the go or an electromechanical two-speed with an automatic mode, which allows the system to switch from two to four-wheel drive depending on the conditions. A lockable rear differential is standard, but a lockable front differential and front stabilizer bar disconnect system are also available, allowing for maximum articulation in tough conditions. A series of measures were then adopted to maximize off-road traffic; frameless windows reduce the overall weight of the doors, making them light enough for owners to remove. Once removed, the doors can be stored in the dedicated bags inside the vehicle.

off road technology

The Bronco, despite being a vehicle designed for off-roading, has technological interiors that guarantee high-level entertainment. The 8-inch instrument cluster is combined with a 12-inch central touchscreen with the Sync 4 multimedia system. There is also no shortage of passenger handles in the cabin, which can be used even in the most difficult conditions. It has not yet been communicated with which engines the American off-road vehicle will be made available. In America, let us remember, it can be purchased with the petrol engines of the EcoBoost family: the 4-cylinder turbo 2.3 with 274 Hp and 420 Nm of torque, and the 6-cylinder bi-turbo 2.7 with 314 Hp and 542 Nm. The versions can be combined with the 10-speed automatic transmission, and in the Bronco 2.3 you can also have the 7-speed manual. In the United States, the price list starts at $ 30,800 and goes up to $ 68,500, excluding taxes.

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