The great wait is over. After 13 years comes the second film by James Cameron


The great wait is over.  After 13 years comes the second film by James Cameron
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“Wherever we go, this family will be our fortress.” Not even 24 hours and the views are nearly 15 million. Here it is the long awaited teaser trailer for Avatar 2 – The way of water from James Cameron. A minute and 38 seconds in which we can already see a sketch of the plot for the new possible wonder that will be in cinemas on December 16, 2022. After 13 years and several production delays, 20th Century Studios leave an online trace of the sequel to the film that is the top box office of all-time grossing in the world. Think of that as it reports Variety, Avatar’s total grossing figure took a further dramatic jolt in revenues – after being theatrical in the US for a whopping 10 months – when it premiered in Chinese theaters last year. ù

Cameron’s film thus reached $ 2.8 billion globally. As for Avatar 2 obviously stellar cast: Zoe Saldana in the role of Neytiri e Sam Worthington as Jake Sully to continue the saga, more Kate Winslet / Ronal who has been back to work with Cameron since Titanic, Michelle Yeoh / Doctor Mogue And Oona Chaplin / Varang. The way of water picks up on the story where Avatar left off in 2009 with Sully and Neytiri building their family life on the planet Pandora and fighting new threats to their civilization. We know that in the sequel we will remain a long time underwater where we will meet new aquatic creatures and also the Na’vi tribe. Let’s remember, among other things, that Cameron had initially aimed at a release of the second chapter of Avatar in 2014. The film has thus undergone seven postponements before the current release date at the end of 2022.

The shots, taken simultaneously with Avatar 3 (which Cameron claims will be released in 2024 but you are going to believe ed), they instead ended in 2020. Recently, however, Cameron talking about Variety with his colleague Denis Villeneuve he explained that during the set of chapters two and three, he shot “even a little bit of 4”: “We mixed 2 and 3 when we had the same sets planned and I thought: we treat everything as if it were a miniseries six hours “. Avatar 2 is produced by Cameron and Jon Landau and has a budget provided by the large Disney family of 250 million dollars. “The big problem is: are we going to make a big cash?” Cameron wondered in Entertainment Weekly last 2021. “Big, expensive movies have to make a lot of money. However, we are in a new post-Covid and post-streaming world. Maybe those box office numbers will never see each other again. Who knows? It’s like a big roll of the dice“. Last question, really not just: Avatar in 2009 was proposed with the innovation of 3D which in fact also led to the surcharge of the single ticket, and therefore also of a higher total collection on each single ticket. Will the new 3D technology operation, commercially after 13 years rather shipwrecked, still drag so many audiences willing to pay more for a ticket in the hall?


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