The Indian electric SUV with the autonomy record

The Indian electric SUV with the autonomy record
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Committed to the rapid electrification of mobility in India, Tata Motors has launched the new version of the country’s best-selling electric vehicle, the new Nexon EV Max. With this launch, the company is taking the lead in increase the appeal of electric vehicles and expand the market with a new offering for customers looking for cars for longer intercity journeys.

The new Nexon EV Max SUV with high autonomy

The car uses state-of-the-art, high-voltage Ziptron technology and will be available in two trim options: the Nexon EV Max XZ + and the Nexon EV Max XZ + Lux. There are three colors proposed by the brand: Intensi-Teal (in exclusive to Nexon EV Max), Daytona Gray and Pristine White. Equipped with a 40.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Nexon EV Max offers 33% higher battery capacity, with a certified range of 437 km (under standard test conditions), which guarantees uninterrupted long distance travel. The Nexon EV MAX produces 105 kW (143 hp) of power and delivers instant torque of 250 Nm, sprinting from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 9 seconds.

The SUV will be available with a 3.3kW charger or another 7.2kW fast AC charger, the latter can be installed at home or in the workplace, which helps reduce the charging time to 6.5 Hours. Making it an irresistible proposition, the Nexon EV Max will support a faster charging timegoing from 0 to 80% in just 56 minutes.

How the new SUV is made

The exterior of the car was completed with remarkably modernized interior to satisfy the evolving preferences of the most demanding customers. The center console has undergone a major overhaul, presents a new tidy and clean design. The SUV features a new beige interior, leatherette seats with ventilation for the front passengers, an air purifier, wireless smartphone charging and cruise control.

Range record for the new electric SUV from Tata Motors: Nexon EV Max

Nexon EV Max delivers three driving modes: Eco, City and Sport. It also boasts eight new features on ZConnect 2.0 connected car technology. The list of additional features offers smartwatch integration, automatic / manual DTC control, setting a limit for charging, monthly vehicle reports and advanced driving analysis.

Tata’s new electric SUV with record range – Nexon EV Max – includes advanced safety features such as ESP with i-VBAC (intelligent – No vacuum boost and active control), Hill Hold, Hill Descent Control, electronic parking brake with Auto Vehicle Hold and all four-disc brakes.

Since entering the electric vehicle market in 2020, Tata Motors has been the pioneer in the segment of zero-emission vehicles that now travel on Indian roads (around 25,000), of which over 19,000 are Nexons. And that’s not all, because the House’s unique approach, aimed at exploiting the synergies of the companies of the Tata Group to provide electric vehicle solutions, has led the brand to develop a new ecosystem of electric vehicles: Tata UniEVerse. With an overall dominant market share of 87%, the new Tata Nexon EV Max promises to carry on the legacy and strengthen its position in the zero-emission vehicle segment.


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