The look of Brad Pitt in a skirt at the premiere of his new film is the fashion moment of Summer 2022


The look of Brad Pitt in a skirt at the premiere of his new film is the fashion moment of Summer 2022
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To males who say “No, pink no because it is not virile”. To those who look suspiciously at Italian artists (Mahmood, we love you) that they wear the skirt on stage. Know this: the look of Brad Pitt in a skirt black and midi at the film premiere of her new film Bullet Train it plays elegantly at you, and yet in a rather sophisticated way. The 58-year-old actor is ready to return to the big screen with a new film – if you’re wondering when it comes out Bullet Train – the new film from director David Leitch (who we also know for John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2) – the appointment in Italian cinemas is set for 25 August. Inspired by the Japanese novel The seven killers of the Shinkansen by Maria BÄ«toru, in the new film Brad Pitt plays Ladybug, a murderer who is part of a gang of hit men who finds himself on a high-speed train. Alongside him, also a cast of as many extraordinary names such as Sandra Bullock, Aaron Taylor-Joy and Joey King. The reference to Japan is permeating (both in the plot of the film and in the Brad Pitt’s look that reminds us of a modern samurai): the train on which the hit men find themselves (to look for a suitcase full of money hidden in one of the carriages) leaves Tokyo and launches at 300km / h into the Japanese countryside. How the killers get into action, we’ll find out in the cinema. Meanwhile, we stock up on Summer 2022 fashion trends drawing on the two looks that Brad Pitt wore to premieres.

Paris, July 16, 2022. Brad Pitt at the Parisian premiere of Bullet Train.

Dominique CharriauGetty Images

Before a praise to pink, the color that most of all – together with its celestial counterpart, of course – has always been subject to gender stereotypes. Eliminate all forms of toxic masculinity from the American actor’s wardrobe, at the Parisian premiere held this July 16 on the Bateau L’Excellence, Brad Pitt wore a pink suit made up of soft sports trousers in salmon nuance paired with a slightly oversized jacket (throwback Italian moment: do we remember the Sangiovanni total pink suit in Sanremo?). Underneath, a slightly darker V-neck T-shirt almost identifiable with a soft shade of onion pink. But the real twist took place in Berlin a few days later, when on 19 July Brad Pitt’s look offered us the fashion moment of Summer 2022 fashion. All in the name of gender fluidity.

skirts summer 2022 brad pitt look

Brad Pitt at the Berlin premiere: a look with a skirt.

Ben KriemannGetty Images

How to wear Brad Pitt’s midi skirt?

According to Brad Pitt’s look, the midi skirt, black and slightly flared, is worn with combat boots. But this idea is nothing new, on the contrary, just last February we appreciated the men’s looks so (well) constructed that the creative director Riccardo Tisci brought to the catwalk for the Burberry fashion show Fall Winter 2022 2023. Please note, also the praise to the color pink returns: the linen shirt chosen by the leading actor of Bullet Train it is declined in this nuance, above which Brad has layered an oversized linen jacket. Just two interventions would be enough to appropriate the Brad Pitt look: wisely insert the shirt inside the skirt (to emphasize the waist with nonchalance) and replace the combat boots with a pair of slingbacks with heels. Let’s try?

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