The Maneskin show at the Circus Maximus, also Angelina Jolie at the live concert


The Maneskin show at the Circus Maximus, also Angelina Jolie at the live concert
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The Loud Kids tour starts from Rome with a full house, 70 thousand people expected. The rock band will take the stage at 9pm, gates open from 2pm

• Saturday night the Mneskin perform in Rome, at the Circus Maximus. After the controversy over the risks associated with the pandemic, the public was invited to wear the Ffp2 mask throughout the exhibition.
• This is the debut date of the world tour, after the two live specials in New York and Los Angeles and the presence as a special guest at the Rolling Stones concert in Las Vegas.
• An ordinance of the prefect prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages and the use of glass containers.
• 680 stewards assisted by the police are employed on site.

9pm – The VIPs arrive There is also Angelina Jolie, in Rome for the shooting of the film Without Blood directed by herself based on the novel by Alessandro Baricco, at the Mneskin concert at the Circus Maximus. Among the other guests spotted in the VIP area, also Gabriele Muccino, Anna Ferzetti and Anna Foglietta.

8.30 pm – The Circus Maximus at sunset

The sun has not yet set on the Circus Maximus, but the Roman arena is already full: 70 thousand arrived for the Mneskin concert. The rock band returns, after the successes collected in Italy and all over the world, to its city, from where a few years ago it started playing in the street in via del Corso, a few hundred meters from the archaeological area where the concert is about to take place. . Two hours of show for Damiano and his companions, who this summer are involved in a tour that touches the most important world festivals.

8.15 pm – The acrid smell of the fire

In front of the stage a thick black smoke makes the fans raise their noses in anticipation of the Roman band. What is happening? asks Emmanuel Diliberto, 20, who arrived from Sicily. To go up in flames, after days of continuous fires, are this time some demolition workers in via Togliatti. The Sicilian boy is sporting a transparent black shirt similar to those worn by Damiano during his performances: Let’s hope it doesn’t make it this far, he says to his friend from Bergamo. For me
the Mneskin represent an ideal of freedom -explains -. We got the tickets last year in August, but we stayed until the end with the fear that they would cancel it due to the resurgence of infections. They had already booked an apartment for a long time and we didn’t want to waste any money. Behind the young fan, Agnese Albani, 42, arrived Circo Massimo with her son on the phone with the neighbors. The dramatic situation – says the woman who lives in Centocelle – we were told to wear masks to protect ourselves from toxic fumes. The acrid smell of the fire reaches the nostrils despite the distances. I’m looking for someone to close the windows of my house, I had left them open – confesses Agnese with concern – now I’ll wear the mask for the concert and take it off in a week, the last bitter comment before going to the turnstiles. (Diana Romersi)

6.40 pm – We are 15 mothers and daughters. Fear of Covid? We have masks

Bandana on the head to fight the still intense heat and ticket in hand. Giordana Voce, 18 years old from Rome, waiting for her group of friends. I found the tickets at the last minute, given by a lady who could no longer go, she tells the girl who also has a mask in her backpack. I have had Covid twice, I would like to avoid the third. Less worried are Flaminia Kiaris, 27, and her sister Betta: a birthday present for her explains Flaminia pointing to her little sister. We blindfolded it from home to the Lungotevere. Covid? I’m vaccinated, with three doses. Better now than on vacation, but I still wore the mask. In front of the filters also a group of four families from Taranto. We are 15, between mothers and children, but we are the fans, jokes Carlotta Graniglia, 53. They too have their masks close at hand: In order not to risk it, we decided to stay behind, away from the crowd. (Diana Romersi)

6pm – Continuous influx of fans

No queues, but in via dei Cerchi the influx of fans continues. There are three filters that must pass people with tickets before entering. Waiting for one of the most anticipated concerts in the capital, many young people, but also entire families. More than one wears a mask on their arm ready to be worn on the parterre of the Circus Maximus. Waiting for the band, it is not the Roman quartet that makes you look up, but the black smoke of a fire that is darkening the sky on the eastern side of the city (Diana Romersi)

5pm – A high cloud of black smoke visible from the Circus Maximus

A fire broke out in the area of ​​Centocelle, the first outskirts of the capital. From the arena of the Circus Maximus you can see a cloud of black smoke rising very high towards the sky. The causes of the fire are unknown for now.

15.48 – The pride of Mayor Gualtieri: But guys, wear a mask!

In a very short time they conquered the world with their music, their energy and their extraordinary talent. Everyone now adores the Mneskin and we Romans are proud and excited to know that the new faces of international rock are today those of Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas, the band from Monteverde that is making Rome shine on the world stage of music: the enthusiasm of the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri in a speech in a local newspaper. Dear Mneskin, you are great! Rome loves you and is proud of you who have been able to win the affection of the whole world. Long live the Mneskin and long live the music! Now that we are experiencing this new peak of Covid cases, we try to use the necessary prudence for everyone and put on the mask.

15.11 – The lineup according to the first rumors

According to the first rumors this is the possible lineup:
1 – Shut up and good
2 – In the name of the father
3 – Mammamia
4 – Chosen
5 – Womanizer (cover Britney Spears)
6 – Fear of the dark
7 – Supermodel
8 – Coraline
9 – Close to the Top
10 – Loving you (CCCP cover)
11 – I Wanna Be Your Slave
12 – If I Can Dream (cover Elvis Presley)
13 – For Your love
14 – Gasoline
15 – Go home
16 – Twenty years
17 – I Wanna Be Your Dog (cover The Stooges)
18 – Beggin ‘(cover The Four Seasons)
19 – To die like a king
20 – Touch Me My
21 – Generation
22 – Bruises on the elbows
23 – The distant words
24 – I Wanna Be Your Slave (bis).

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