The most important news of the week, to know everything, in 5 minutes


The most important news of the week, to know everything, in 5 minutes
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What happened this week? Let’s find out what are the most important news published on in the last seven days.

What are the top news of the week which is about to end? There has been a lot of talk about the new PlayStation Plus and its more expensive tiers, with the announcement of the rich line-up of PS5 and PS4 games included in the subscription and the facets of the service as regards the classic PlayStation and Ubisoft ones.

The first rumors about the PlayStation began to circulate PS5 Pro and its hypothetical technical specifications, but also discussed the budget available to Sony for new acquisitions and internal controversies about the positions expressed by the company regarding the laws governing abortion.

In the meantime, the expectation is growing within the Microsoft community towards theXbox & Bethesda Games Showcase and Xbox Series S takes off the whim of beating PS5 at home, selling three times as many consoles in Japanese stores. Incredible, huh?

The new PlayStation Plus

Undoubtedly the most read, commented and relevant news of the week were those related to the new PlayStation Plusin particular the announcement of the many games included in the catalog for the Extra and Premium tiers: a line-up that makes the Sony service very similar to Xbox Game Pass, net of the well-known lack of exclusive first parties already available on day one .

This topic also revolves around the news relating to the classic PS1 and PSP purchased in the past, which will remain accessible for free by users even in the absence of a subscription to PS Plus, as well as those on the inclusion of the Ubisoft + Classics catalog in the Extra and Premium tiers. which at this point take on really interesting connotations in terms of convenience.

June 23 will therefore be a very special day for the PlayStation Plus platform, in which we will see the beginning of Sony’s offensive with respect to the service sector, which is currently dominated by Microsoft with its Game Pass. How will things change in the coming months? We’re about to find out.

Death Stranding 2

Norman Reedus confirmed Death Stranding 2, adding that the development of the sequel has just begun: a revelation that the actor made in the course of an interview, probably without fully understanding the relevance of those words for fans of video games and works. from Hideo Kojima in particular. It is no coincidence that the famous Japanese game director decided to “punish” him for the leak.

It is interesting to note that the confirmation took place as part of a short article on Reedus’ extra-television activities, which talked about how Guillermo del Toro told him to accept whatever offer Kojima made him back in the days of Silent Hillsa project later canceled by Konami but from whose foundations we started for the realization of Death Stranding (review).

The perfect games for Neil Druckmann

The network is full of videogame rankings drawn up on the basis of industry press reviews or personal preferences, but when the latter come from an important game director like Neil Druckmannto whom we owe the franchise of The Last of Uswe all stop to listen to them, and this time there was no exception.

So what are the eight perfect games according to Druckmann? The first ones that came to his mind include Ico, Portal, Inside, Tetris, Street Fighter 2, Monkey Island 2, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Great classics of the past and a couple more recent, see Portal and Inside, which have certainly had a strong influence on the work of this author and on the gaming industry in general.

Fall Guys goes free-to-play

Fall Guys, one of the funny characters in the game

The announcement was in the air, but we wanted to wait for the official confirmation from Mediatonic: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout will become free-to-play starting from June 21, coinciding with the release of the game also on Nintendo Switch And Xboxas well as on next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles with dedicated versions, featuring major technical improvements.

The hugely popular and colorful battle royale platform-based will therefore be accessible on all platforms and by all users for free, which will lead to an inevitable relaunch of the brand after the sensational debut that took place exactly two years ago and to a new roadmap of contents designed to keep the interest of the players alive. .


Abandoned, the protagonist explores a forest
Abandoned, the protagonist explores a forest

This week we are back talking about Abandoned, the mysterious survival horror of Blue Box often ended up at the center of rumors and controversies regarding the possible connections with Silent Hill and with Hideo Kojima, although denied on more than one occasion by the developers. To heat the minds this time was an artwork of the game that featured a fake Silent Hill 5 logo.

That was enough to push several users to accuse the team led by Hasan Kahraman of scam, which objectively seems to have tried on more than one occasion to associate the name of its project with the historic Konami series. Even the well-known modder Lance McDonald seems to have wanted to distance himself from the whole thing, after having initially expressed positive opinions about Abandoned.

The upcoming PlayStation acquisitions

PlayStation Studios, an official artwork
PlayStation Studios, an official artwork

Another hot topic is what concerns the new PlayStation acquisitions and the $ 7.3 billion Sony would have available to complete these operations. A sum in theory destined for the Japanese company in its entirety, even if historically the bulk of the budget is used by the PlayStation division and this time things will hardly go differently.

Well, an analyst has created an interesting infographic to illustrate which publishers or development teams could be part of Sony’s acquisition plans, specifically indicating Warner Bros. Games, Square EnixEmber Labs, Arc System Works, Level-5, and some licenses currently owned by Konami, Capcom and Take-Two. We will find out in the coming weeks how things really are …

PS5 Pro


It seems absurd, considering that PlayStation 5 it is still fundamentally unavailable in stores (although it seems that the supply situation is slowly improving) and therefore many users have not yet managed to get their hands on it, but the first rumors about the possible mid-gen upgrade of the Sony console.

According to these rumors, PS5 Pro will have double the power thanks to a new graphics subsystem that will aim to significantly improve the performance of the platform, with particular reference to the capabilities related to ray tracing: the goal is to obtain the 4K at 60fps with quality ray tracing, without compromising. Ah, and there are also rumors of a new portable PlayStation …

Sony and abortion laws

Jim Ryan
Jim Ryan

As you probably know, there has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about a law just coming into effect in Oklahoma it almost completely prohibits abortion, thus resulting extremely restrictive. Several realities, including videogames, have taken a position in this regard, but it seems that Sony on this front has taken an ambiguous attitude.

The developers of Naughty Dog have made it clear that they are committed to protecting the right to abortion by donating $ 50,000 to a foundation that deals with the protection of women, but Sony is trying to put this initiative on the back burner and other studios have not taken it well, such as example Bungie. In short, behind the scenes a heated discussion on ethical issues is probably taking place and it will be interesting to understand what will come of it.

Xbox Series S beat PS5 in Japan

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

Despite the many distinctions of the case, a few days ago the news that Xbox Series S has sold more than PS5 in Japan caused a sensation, overturning, even if for only one week (and due to the well-known problems related to stocks), a balance that in the Japanese market has practically always existed, and which has seen Microsoft consoles in constant trouble.

What happened therefore does not have a value that is not purely symbolic: a David against Goliath that was consumed in a particularly difficult week for the PlayStation 5 distribution chain, and in which users have fallen back on the next-gen economic console of the house of Redmond, which it sold around triple that of PS5. Who knows when and if we’ll see it happen again …

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase games

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, the official artwork of the event
Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, the official artwork of the event

We close our review of the most important news of the week with a dutiful reference to the games present at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, given that the journalist Jez Corden has drawn up his own list and expectations of the event have grown substantially after the painful postponement of Starfield and Redfall.

So what will we see next June 12 during the show? Obviously the aforementioned Starfield and Redfall, the 1.0 version of Grounded and the next update of Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves, but also Avowed, Contraband, Diablo 4, Everwild and several projects currently shrouded in mystery: Project Belfry, Pentament and Project Midnight. Strange there was no mention of the remaster of Gears of War in the style of the Master Chief Collection!

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