The new Tesla that costs less than a Fiat Tipo: the wait is almost over


Tesla has long been one of the best-known companies in the automotive industry. But never as in this case had he attracted attention.

Tesla, a brand that has truly written the recent history of motoring. Especially from the point of view of electricity, with its leader Elon Musk – an executive who is as brilliant as he is discussed, especially after the acquisition of Twitter – who has guided it towards extraordinary goals, to say the least. The brand named after the well-known inventor, however, never stops.

Tesla, the price of the new car is simply incredible

And in view of the results achieved in recent years thanks to the development of fully electric cars, it is aiming for 2035 with great ambition and great will to become the undisputed queen of the automotive industry. To try to succeed, however, missteps are not accepted – or acceptable -. We are referring to the models that are built by the US brand, ready to do anything to dominate the scene. Even in a rather particular way. It is certainly different from the past.

Elon Musk’s biggest win

We realize that not everyone will agree, also because Elon Musk has proven himself several times and in many areas as a leader capable of making success and victory – understood as the right and indeed winning choices for his company – his main characteristics. But what has been done with Tesla, thanks above all to the moves of its CEO, is truly unique. And perhaps it is indeed Elon Musk’s greatest victory. First of all because the company is today unquestionably synonymous with technology and innovation.

Because Musk and colleagues believed in the electric first and more than anyone else, effectively building a new concept of car. Completely different interiors of a vehicle compared to the past, endless finishes and technologies, over the air updates, Autopilot and much more that has made each Tesla built unique.

Without forgetting Tesla’s approach to eMobility, from services such as Superchargers to car management applications. Finally, if this isn’t enough for you, an ‘innovative’ way of producing vehicles, or in any case certainly different from the past. And considering the latest news, that’s not all.

Tesla, 2023 begins like this: the news that no one expected

The Stellantis top management had spoken of Fiat as the ‘Tesla of the people’, at least in future intentions; in a nutshell, a company that built electric cars less expensive than the American giant. Well, considering the latest news, let’s say that it is difficult – at least in this case – not to consider Tesla itself…of the people. There new Tesla Model Sin fact, will be on sale at a utility price. An incredible turning point, considering the market values ​​of the models of the brand led by Elon Musk, usually exaggerated to say the least.

Tesla Model S, a rendering of how it could be (Web source) 7 January 2023
Tesla Model S, a rendering of how it could be (Web source)

Looking forward to next month’s Marchindeed, the new car will be presented, which will then go on sale in 2024. Little or nothing is known about the vehicle in question, except that it should be innovative in terms of the materials used, the design and also in terms of production (remember the strong reduction in costs that Tesla has recently invested). On an aesthetic level, the Model S should be painted by fluid and soft lines, futuristic lights, interiors never seen before and of absolute quality.

Its price? Incredible but true: ‘only’ 25 thousand dollars. About 22 thousand euros, which for a Tesla is really a good halving. The reason, according to the company, would be in the reduction of the cost of Tesla-branded batteries. Although, considering that the lowering of prices has also been carried out by companies such as Nissan, Volkswagen, Renault, Stellantis and Hyundai, the reason is perhaps not to have too large a margin compared to their rivals. To compete on the market, even if your name is Tesla, you still need to make some adjustments.

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