The numbers of the Jova Beach Party: 7 illegal “drinkers” fined, one drunk reported and 8 expelled


The numbers of the Jova Beach Party: 7 illegal “drinkers” fined, one drunk reported and 8 expelled
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70,000 spectators divided over the two days of 8 and 9 July attended the two concerts of the Jova Beach Party in Marina di Ravenna in complete safety, having fun and enjoying effective services and a clean and welcoming beach. This is the first numerical data recorded by the mega event that engaged the municipal organizational machine in synergy and collaboration with the Prefecture and Police Headquarters, proving to be a success and also a valid test for the possible future organization of events of the same magnitude.

“The event – affirms the councilor for tourism Giacomo Costantini – was preceded by an intense and articulated preparation work which was faced with the precious collaboration of various services of the Municipality. During the event, the continuous exchange of information and constant monitoring characterized our operational coordination at the headquarters of the Italian sailors; the numbers testify to the organizational complexity faced and for this I join the sincere thanks expressed several times by the mayor to all those who collaborated. Our satisfaction is to have demonstrated that Ravenna can measure itself with such events and we will treasure the valid plans tested “.

To face the Jova Beach Party, forces have been deployed that have affected various sectors, from safety to traffic, from cleaning to transport, from tourism services to hospitality. For public order and security services, the local police employed 540 agents in the two days in collaboration with the other police forces of the prefecture and police headquarters in addition to the valuable service of volunteers including 67 operators of the national carabinieri association (ANC) and 50 civil protection volunteers (the Municipal Operations Center (COC) activated; in the two days 7 vehicles were removed, a 46-year-old Italian was denounced for outrage and resistance to a public official who refused to decline the personal details and was in drunkenness; 7 illegal sellers, all Italian, were sanctioned and 7 seizures of illegal goods were carried out (747 half-liter bottles of water, 211 33 cl bottles of beer, 4 cans of pepsi, 2 backpacks, 5 trolleys, 6 plastic baskets); 8 removal orders were issued. The local police also managed to return all the lost items found including a wallet, several cell phones and various documents.

JOVA BEACH PARTY: The video of the concert seen from above

For transport and parking services, with regard to the ferry, over 5,000 passengers were counted on day 8 and over 8,000 on day 9; on each of the two dates there were over 340 scheduled trips (Freccia Blu / 60 – 65 and 66 / Navetto Mare) and over 120 special trips, for a total of over 680 scheduled trips and over 240 special trips over the two days. The buses organized for spectators, for which special parking areas have been identified, were 16 on Friday and 27 on Saturday.

The parking spaces identified proved to be sufficient with a reserve of spaces available at the exchange parking lot; according to estimates, the one in via Delle Americhe was used in particular (almost complete with 600 extra seats); the Exchanger (4500 seats with an estimated 65% occupancy on Fridays and 80% on Saturdays); the Marquisate car park (always full with 1500 parking spaces in addition to those of the camper area); in Porto Corsini (with a total availability of over 1000 extra seats on an area spread over three car parks); in via Marmarica (at least 500 motorcycles and mopeds parked). There is a lot of traffic of bicycles and mopeds on Viale delle Nazioni, of which it is not possible to make an estimate.

For tourist and hospitality services, the IAT (Tourist Reception Information) counters have been strengthened; the offices of Punta Marina Terme, Marina di Ravenna and Porto Corsini opened from 9 to 18 with continuous opening hours both Friday and Saturday for 10 hours daily against the usual 6. Two operators were present in the central hours from 13.30 to 16.30. The three offices of the sea, in addition to the central one in Piazza San Francesco, have received at least 400 requests for information. Since the announcement of the Marina stage of the Jova Beach Party, the tourist offices have received continuous and constant requests for information, including overnight stays, traffic conditions, parking and connections. It is not possible to immediately give the numbers related to arrivals and tourist presences (in fact many have decided to stay overnight in Ravenna and in all the beaches), but certainly the image that has allowed to make known Marina di Ravenna to a new audience, composed mainly of families and young people, who could return as tourists to visit the numerous and varied beauties of our city.

For cleaning and cleaning services: the preliminary extraordinary and subsequent days by Hera was carried out both by mechanized and manual means, assisted by operators with a backpack blower to clean all the streets of Marina di Ravenna from pine needles and the beaches (Punta Marina, Lido Adriano, Lidi Nord); In the parking area and access roads to the concert, 27 stations of roadside containers have been set up for the collection of organic waste, paper / cardboard, plastic / cans, glass and unsorted waste, constantly emptied together with waste paper bins, waste paper collection and waste abandoned on the ground. The ordinary cleaning of the beach has been enhanced with additional teams in the affected area and adjacent to the concert area; constant interventions in the parking area in Marina di Ravenna, at the exchangers of the Marchesato and in via Trieste, Punta Marina, Lido Adriano, in Ravenna in the Pala de Andrè area, as well as the ferry in Porto Corsini and Marina Romea; constant cleaning and monitoring of the access roads to the concert: cycle paths from Ravenna to the sea (via Canale Molinetto, viale delle Americhe, via dell’Idrovora, via Trieste and the entire waterfront; Colombo promenade, via della Pace, viale delle Nazioni), cycle path from Marina Romea to Porto Corsini, the ferry docking area in Porto Corsini and Marina di Ravenna, the whole city of Marina di Ravenna, including the area of ​​the Marquisate.

In summary, 120 men and 120 vehicles were employed for about 120 work shifts, including ecological operators (about 50 shifts), beach cleaning (about 20 shifts, with tractors and screening machines), waste collection vehicles (about 15 shifts with compacting vehicles and loaders), mechanized sweepers (about 15 shifts), container handling and waste collection (about 15 shifts, daily type vehicles with cranes) and operational coordination 24 hours a day for 3 days (about 10 shifts). 100 extra containers of various capacities were installed.


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