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Cars like her are now very rare on the market and the result is that they cost a real fortune: here’s how it is possible that an Alfa Romeo with a certain age on the rump costs even more than a Ferrari that has just come out.

When you come across cars as rare as this one, you just have to pray that the collectors attending the auction leave before you do. The cost of a classic car like this Alfa Romeo can levitate in a frightening way, ask the online auction site that has put this into play by attracting all the most wealthy collectors on the web like flies to honey. But why does it cost so much?


Road Olympus

Among the most prestigious Italian houses it is impossible do not mention Alfa Romeo, a brand that has many ups and a few downs in its long history: for a few isolated fiascos such as the Arna and the Alfasud, in fact, the house can boast in its lineup of supercars and luxury cars capable of overshadowing even the famous German rivals such as BMW and Mercedes, just to name two.

The Italian house produced an infinite number of historical models: among these we undoubtedly find the Spider Duetto, the Montreal, the Alletta and obviously the Giulia which for some years has been revived on the market in a modern version even if the model of the sixties will remain forever in the hearts of those who have it driven at the time as perhaps the most beautiful sedan that Alfa Romeo has ever deployed on the market. Especially this version…

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What can I say, the B side is a scream (

Design and power

Among the most popular variants of the classic Giulia which during the sixties and seventies received various restylings, bodywork changes. in so saying we cannot fail to mention the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300, a historic model as much loved by enthusiasts. The performance of the car was guaranteed by 1,750cc and approximately 150 horsepower for 950 kilograms of weight, despite the apparent weight of the car.

With the classic Quadrifoglio printed on the side of the side, the Giulia GT 1300 they marked an era between 1963 and 1975 excelling in various sporting competitions and holding up the name of Alfa which in that period really produced some of the most beautiful sedans on the planet. To date, finding a Giulia GT 1300 Junior is not easy despite the large number of specimens produced since whoever owns one keeps it very close.

It really costs too much

Recently up Bonhams a very special example of the car went up for auction, i.e. aAlfa Romeo Giulia 1300 GT Juniors from 1975 in an unprecedented road configuration, in practice the civil version of the racing set-up of the powerful Biscione car. This car, recently restored, has the original chassis number AR776050 which certifies its authenticity, assuring us that it is not a plagiarism or a replica.

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The car for sale (

Besides the fact that the line of the car is simply breathtaking especially with those green bands and the classic, iconic four-leaf clover on the sides, the condition of the model looks simply excellent. All factors that, as you can no doubt imagine, do splash the value of the automobile skyrocketing to the point that it even costs more than certain modern supercars.

The auction price starts at 225,000 euros but experts expect it to rise by as much as 50,000 euros from this basis, all for the reasons we listed above, which makes the Giulia GT much more expensive than a brand new Lamborghini Urus or Ferrari 458 Italia. Only true collectors are willing to spend such an amount on a vintage car. Are you among them?

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