The pandemic effect continues: the places available for the entrance tests of Medicine and Health Professions increase


The pandemic effect continues: the places available for the entrance tests of Medicine and Health Professions increase
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After the changes implemented to the structure of the entrance tests, which this year will mainly focus on the subjects characterizing the future course of study – with less logic and general culture and more biology, chemistry and mathematics – Minister Maria Cristina Messa, in fact, communicated provisional places for the new academic year of restricted access degree courses in the medical-health area.

Medicine, places available increase by 5%

As reported by the website, there are 14,740 places for Medicine and Surgery. A sharp increase compared to last year, when they stopped at just 14,020, with an increase of over 700 seats. Thus confirming a trend of growth that began after the outbreak of the pandemic: in 2020, for example, there were only 13,072 and in any case more than the previous year.

In the same way, the decrees defining the maximum capacity for the other degree courses in the healthcare area with restricted access have also been published. As far as Dentistry is concerned, 1,330 temporary places are available, for Veterinary the places foreseen are 1,040. Almost 32,000 places available, always provisionally, for degree courses in the Health Professions, up compared to 30,180 in 2021.

The 14,740 places announced for Medicine and Surgery, it should be noted, also include those reserved for degree courses taught in English and for private universities, which often carry out tests in the spring.

Healthcare professions: here too the increase is 5%

As regards the health professions, there are 31,730 candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy. More than half, 17,997, are destined for nursing courses; the rest is divided among the remaining courses. For example, there are 2,622 for physiotherapy, 1,327 for medical radiology techniques, imaging and radiotherapy, 1,212 for biomedical laboratory techniques, 1,097 for obstetrics. For these degrees, the largest “slice” of possible members has been established.

Then, in descending order, 915 places were put up for speech therapy, 852 for prevention techniques in the environment and in the workplace, 825 for dental hygiene, 809 for professional education, 602 for health care, 574 for dietetics, 445 for psychiatric rehabilitation technique, 407 for neuro and psychomotor therapy of developmental age, 320 for hearing aid techniques, 309 for orthoptics and ophthalmological assistance, 274 for occupational therapy, 264 for pediatric and nursing nursing, 243 for cardiocirculatory physiopathology techniques and cardiovascular perfusion, 199 for orthopedic techniques, 185 for neurophysiopathology techniques, 157 for podiatry, 95 for audiometric techniques.

Registration for the entrance tests will start from 4 July

Once the available places have been defined, it is therefore possible to start registrations, leaving on July 4 for the Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics and Veterinary tests in Italian. As always, you can apply through the dedicated Universitaly portal until the deadline of 22 July at 15.00.

The tests, on a national level, will take place – again with regard to the health area, between Tuesday 6 September and Thursday 28 September, according to the calendar prepared by the MUR: on Tuesday 6 September there will be the test of Medicine and Dentistry in Italian. , on Thursday 8 September the test for veterinary medicine is scheduled, while on Tuesday 13 September the test for Medicine and Surgery and Dentistry is scheduled in English. It closes on Thursday 15 September with the Health Professions.

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