The Paradise of the Ladies 7: in September it returns to the daytime. Vittorio and Maria will be new people!


The Paradise of the Ladies 7: in September it returns to the daytime.  Vittorio and Maria will be new people!
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Let’s find out together when Il Paradiso delle Signore is back on Rai 1 and what will happen to Vittorio Conti and Maria Puglisi. Here are all the detailed previews on the soap.

Less and less is missing at the debut of the seventh edition of The Paradise of the Ladiesbroadcast starting from September 12, 2022 on Rai 1. The return of the soap will lead to the farewell to Sei Sorelle, also due to the low ratings, which will leave the daytime for a prime time on a parallel Rai network. In the new season many novelties of Paradise, including the one concerning Vittorio Conti And Maria Puglisi.

Six Sisters gives way to the new season of The Paradise of the Ladies

From September 12, 2022, The Paradise of the Ladies come back upstairs Rai 1 with the seventh season and recapture the daytime range, undermining You are Sisters. The Spanish soap, collecting low ratings, will be canceled from the schedule to move to Rai Premium in prime time on Thursday with a double episode. A small consolation for those who were starting to get passionate about the plot of Six Sisters, a great victory for the nearly two million viewers who made it last. The Paradise of the Ladies record-breaking. Filming is coming to an end in these days and everyone is curious to discover the first ones Advances on the new episodes, which promise to be full of surprises and twists. Moreover, the soap ended with many questions and will lead some of the most beloved characters to change forever, as in the case of Vittorio Conti And Maria Puglisi. Let’s find out together what will happen.

Anticipations The Paradise of the Ladies: a completely new Vittorio Conti!

In the seventh season of The Paradise of the Ladies for Vittorio Conti it will be time to turn the page. His interpreter assures him Alessandro Tersigni who talks about the businessman and his love life, ensuring that Vittorio is now ready to say goodbye to the ghost of his ex-wife Marta Guarnieri, and to open his heart to another woman. In the meantime, it is clear that Vittorio he will find himself in an uncomfortable position at the Milanese department store, having become a partner of Adelaide of Sant’Erasmowhich took over the shares of Umberto Guarnieri to oust him and punish him for falling madly in love with Flora Gentile Ravasi. According to Advances, Adelaide will give the couple a hard time trying to oust Flora from the occupation of stylist and convincing Vittorio to bargain for her in this terrible internal war. And while Adelaide will do everything to get Guarnieri back and drive away her so hated stepdaughter, Vittorio could finally open up to the idea of ​​having a nlove story eggs. But with whom?

The Paradise of the Ladies Anticipations: Maria Puglisi changes everything

If on the one hand we have Vittorio Conti ready to take the plunge after years of loneliness and bitterness, on the other hand we have the professional destiny of the entrepreneur who is once again intertwined with that of Maria Puglisi, however, finding it totally changed. The young woman went to Rome to try to recover her relationship with Rocco, who instead preferred to end their love story forever. Determined not to get down after this huge disappointment, Maria returns to Milan with a new haircut fashion and many ambitions, which will find wounded ground in Paradise, also thanks to the hand of Adelaide. The countess, in fact, wants to send Flora away at all costs and proposes to Vittorio to promote a new designer by setting your sights on Maria who seems to be the most suitable person. She will be the young woman Puglisi there new designer from Paradiso?

The Paradise of the Ladies awaits us since Septemberin the daytime from Rai 1.

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