The Paradise of the ladies 7, via the two absolute protagonists: shock advances on the Rai 1 soap –


The Paradise of the ladies 7, via the two absolute protagonists: shock advances on the Rai 1 soap.

The new season of The Ladies’ Paradise will feature new cast members and even painful farewells. It is rumored that the characters of Vittorio Conti And Agnes Amato, two pillars of the story, must soon leave their audience. Are these rumors founded?

News at the Ladies’ Paradise: goodbye to Vittorio and Agnese? (captured) –

Among the many advances circulating about the new episodes of the afternoon soap of Rai 1, there are countless twists. Let’s start with the fundamental suggestion, the unraveling of which could trigger a reaction in catana with shocking consequences … It seems that the Countess Adelaide of Sant’Erasmoafter having redeemed the shares of Umberto Guarnieri and having him ousted from the department store, is ready for an even more subtle and general revenge on the whole universe of Il Paradiso. Its purpose? To put Umberto in front of an either-or and make him regret his mistake: either he leaves Flora Gentile Ravasi forever or the whole shop will have to clash with the fatal wrath of the countess.

There sentimental matter between the two characters will therefore have direct repercussions also on other protagonists of the soap, upsetting the harmony of Paradise and the mood of its venus. Adelaide will begin to personally take care of the warehouse by establishing a real one climate of terror. The soap is also ready for the return of Maria Puglisi and the arrival of two new orders, Elvira and Clara. Clara is expected to take on the role of Irene Cipriani’s antagonist, and therefore clashes between the two girls are expected.

Also Agnes Amato (played by the very good Antonella Attili) will suffer the despotism of the countess, and will be forced to resign to no longer have to endure humiliations and disrespect. Together with Agnese Vittorio Conti should also leave Paradise, blocked at the airport of New York and involved in an encounter that will change his destiny.

Sensational: Vittorio and Agnese leave The Ladies’ Paradise

The script should include a lightning return di Vittorio in Milan (just enough time to calm down and remind employees what the store’s values ​​are). After that the character could leave the Rai 1 soap for a long time.

Vittorio Conti -
All the previews of The Paradise of the ladies 7 (captured) –

Vittorio Conti’s farewell is obviously a hard blow for soap fans. The actor Alessandro Tersigni has revealed that his character, in this new season, will fall in love again. When? In New York … And convict will be an accident that will keep him stuck at the airport in the hottest hours of revolt against Adelaide in Il Paradiso.

Therefore the protagonist could be in hiding in many episodes. Behind this narrative surprise there are instrumental reasons. In fact, Tersigni will have to work on other projects: he is in the cast of the fiction Hearts 2broadcast in 2023, and should therefore be absent from the Milanese set from September.

There is also talk of the future of Flora Gentile Ravasi. It seems that the character will be called to remedy the mistakes of the stepmother, asking Agnes to return after her resignation. To do this she should be ready to resign, hoping to satisfy the countess’s thirst for revenge …

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