The requests of homosexual and bisexual people to the new minister Schillaci


October 23

Dear Director,
here we are to congratulate and talk about the new Minister of Health, a doctor, a researcher and a qualified university professor, to once again promote LGBTI Health Rights in Italy.
It must be said that Minister Schillaci managed the University of Tor Vergata as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Rector, and that support for transgender students through the Alias ​​career was approved under his regency.

This is where we want to start, with the appeal recently shared by ILGA, for ICD-11 to be used in all countries of the world.

In Italy it is necessary to promote it immediately also for the Electronic Health Record, eliminating the notorious and obsolete ICD-9 CM foreseen so far.

It would be complex here to explain the additional health demands for the protection of Transgender people, but they are all consequent to the depsychiatrization of Transgenderism through ICD-11.

Up to now, all AIFA notes derive from Law 164 of 1982, written in the absence of all scientific knowledge also in the field of Neuroimaging and Epigenetics on the merits. The Ministry of the Rector Schillaci can certainly make our country at the forefront also scientifically on the merits.

Let us then move on to promote another health issue, to protect intersex infants, for whom it is precisely not possible to decide the gender and in reality the attribution to the male or female sex is objectively a fake in public deed, which allows unacceptable Genital Mutilation at NeonatÉ ™ Intersex.

We ask you to urgently respond to the two notes adverse to Italy from the United Nations, the last of 2019, so that at least the Health Registry if not the Tax Code, from birth guarantee the recognition of the third gender (precisely intersex).

In this way we will not only be able to finally prevent Genital Mutilation in NeonatÉ ™ Intersex but also allow the necessary epidemiological studies on their health throughout their life.

For the right to health of homosexuals and bisexuals, our requests are limited to:

1) Prohibition of Restorative Therapies, to be included in the Professional Medical Ethics and in the CCNL,

2) but above all the compulsory training in LGBTI Gender Nursing Medicine Psychology in all health faculties.

In this regard, we would like to remind you of the need for training in the field of Mental Health where it has been shown that only the support of Affirmative Psychotherapies, not only for LGBTI people but also for their parents, especially in childhood and adolescence, can reduce behaviors to risk, improve one’s mental health and avoid suicidal risk.

Conversely, any attempt to change sexual orientation and gender identity causes severe loss of life and damage to the mental and physical health of LGBTI prepubescent minors, adolescents, adults and seniors.

We need the new Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, to recognize the health rights of LGBTI people hitherto ignored. These are small steps that would improve the lives of parents of intersex, transgender, homosexual and bisexual infants, as well as LGBTI people, from birth to end of life.

Manlio Convert
AMIGAY President aps

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