The Revenue Agency website does not work: deadline extension necessary for accountants


The Revenue Agency website does not work: deadline extension necessary for accountants
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The site of the Revenue Agency has not worked regularly for a few days. In the face of the blocking of online services by the trade unions of accountants, the request for urgent intervention arrives. With the press release dated 7 July 2022, the ANC asks for an extension of the deadlines, and the AIDC writes to the taxpayer Guarantors in the face of the numerous checks launched in an already chaotic period in terms of compliance.

The Revenue Agency website does not work: still today, July 8, 2022there are numerous reports of blocking of online services of the tax authorities.

A situation that has been going on for a few days, and come on accountants the request for urgent intervention arrives to solve the problems underlying the malfunctions of the site of Revenue.

Problems that are part of a period full of appointmentsand the ordinary are flanked by extraordinary obligations fruit ofwave of checks and communications of compliance delivered to taxpayers in recent weeks.

Come on trade unions of accountants then comes the request for one extension of deadlines and, in particular, the postponement, albeit ex post, of the deadline for the payment of taxes without increases. To ask is theNational Association of Accountantswith the press release dated 7 July 2022.

On the same date theItalian Association of Chartered Accountants wrote to the taxpayers’ Guarantors, in the face of the checks initiated by the Inland Revenue and “Senseless requests” of sending the necessary documentation in a complex period on the front of the tax deadlines.

The Revenue Agency website does not work: deadline extension necessary for accountants

I am at least two days that the accountants receive several reports relating to malfunctions of the Revenue Agency website.

Continuous blocks, slowdownsdifficulty in accessing with the usual credentials and also through SPID: the online services of the Tax Authority seem down againas happened at the end of May.

To point out that the Revenue Agency website does not work it was also regularly the National Association of Accountants, with the press release issued on 7 July 2022 in which the President Marco Cuchel highlights that:

“We can no longer tolerate as professionals having to carry out our work in similar conditions, it is mortifying for the category not only to keep up with obligations that multiply each year instead of simplifying, but also to have to deal with a system whose telematic services too often they prove inadequate and whose ability to respond in cases of malfunction is absolutely non-existent.

The ANC therefore highlights that the impossibility of accessing the tax drawer of the clients is a serious disservice for accountantsin light of the expiring obligations.

The request to the Revenue Agency is therefore to intervene urgently for restore the site and online servicesbut not only.

In view of the continuous malfunctions, the request to the Ministry of Economy and Finance is also to provide for the extension of the deadline for the payment of taxes resulting from the tax returns, as proposed among other things by the National Council of Accountants, without however get openings.

The ANC also requests the remittance in terms for all those obligations that have suffered the consequences of the blockade of the system last 31 May.

ANC – press release of 7 July 2022
Revenue Agency site block. The request for urgent intervention to the Financial Administration

Revenue Agency website does not work, but not only: wave of tax checks for taxpayers

The site of the Revenue Agency in lockdown and the reported malfunctions they are not the only critical issue which accountants, businesses and professionals have to deal with.

A massive mailing campaign is underway compliance communications and controls by the Revenue Agency.

To indicate this is theAIDC– The Italian Association of Chartered Accountants, which with the press release published on 7 July 2022 also reports that it has written to the taxpayers’ Guarantors.

The requests of the Inland Revenue relate to documents on the deductible and deductible charges of tax returns. Taxpayers are granted 30 days to provide a copy of the required documentation, a complex activity especially when you consider the charges spread over several years, such as building bonuses.


“This is an absolutely inappropriate control activity at this time of the year as all the studies of chartered accountants have been struggling for days with the processing of tax returns and payments relating to the tax year 2021, moreover we are close to the expected summer break. “

The Association believes disrespectful of the procedure of the Revenue Agencyboth towards taxpayers and chartered accountants, struggling with an intense period in terms of tax compliance.

Not just tax returns: taxpayers have also received notices of irregularities regarding IRAP, as well as compliance communications regarding ISAs.

A series of additional tasks difficult to performconsidering among other things that the site of the Inland Revenue is increasingly haywire.

The Association therefore asks the Guarantors of taxpayers to intervene, to protect accountants and their clients.

AIDC – press release of 7 July 2022
The Revenue Agency has sent numerous requests for old documents to be submitted in a very short time. Foolish requests in the most chaotic period of the year: AIDC writes to the taxpayer Guarantors in the face of too many reports


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