The Sims 4: The new update introduces the sexual orientation of the Sims


The Sims 4: The new update introduces the sexual orientation of the Sims
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Maxis announced that in the next free update from The Sims 4 will be addedsexual orientation of Sims, to make the game even more inclusive. How will it work? Sims are currently attracted to people the player flirts with, regardless of their gender. In general, the system works, but does not cover all possible cases.

With the next update, however, sexual orientation will become a ‘selectable option, that is, it will be possible to make it a fixed trait of a Sim. Then you can decide who a Sim is attracted to, or if they are aromantic and asexual (not selecting any options).

Let’s read the explanation taken directly from the official blog of the game:

How does it work

With sexual orientation, you can assign a variety of attraction parameters related to your Sim. Below is the sexual orientation feature in Create A Sim.

My Sim is attracted to:
It’s a simple statement from the Sims your Sim is attracted to. If a Sim whose gender does not match your Sim’s attraction settings attempts a romantic interaction with them, they are rejected.

The Sims 4 sexual orientation options

You can check any combination of attraction boxes (even all or none) in accordance with your Sim’s romantic orientation. In the future, we may expand the feature to include additional sexual identities not currently available.

I anticipate that objections will be raised regarding the initial sexual options, which are binary. Mechanically, non-binary Sims don’t yet exist in The Sims 4. While we’ve made significant progress in portraying non-binary Sims with the pronoun update, we recognize that pronouns are not equivalent to sexual identities and that in this respect we still have some way to go. I will talk more about this in the frequently asked questions.

My Sim is romantically exploring:
This setting determines whether your Sim’s sexual orientation will change over the course of the game and finally allows us to tell two important stories.

The first is the story of a person who has understood who he is and has a clear and unchanging perception of the Sims he is attracted to. It is a condition expressed by a Sim who does not romantically explore. Sims whose exploration is set to “No” do not change orientation over the course of the game and firmly reject the advances of Sims they are not sexually attracted to.

The second story is about a person who is still looking around. Sims whose browsing is set to “Yes” have an initial sexual orientation setting due to the previous stage, but this can change over the course of the game. As your Sim has romantic interactions, they may find that they have changed a lot from the beginning.

My Sim is interested in wooing with:
This setting determines who your Sim can woo-woo. If you are looking to tell the story of an asexual Sim, you can avoid selecting all the options. On the other hand, you could tell the story of an aroma Sim by selecting the interests of fiki fiki and avoiding checking all the romantic attraction boxes. Learn more in the FAQs.

You can also tell even more specific stories, for example that of a Sim attracted to people of various sexual orientations but interested in physical intimacy with only one of them.

The team also wanted to clarify why there are only two sexual orientations present:

Why are there only two sexual orientations?

It’s an understandable question, as we recently published the pronoun update.

I will try to answer with the utmost transparency: this is due to technical limitations. As anticipated, mechanically non-binary Sims don’t yet exist in The Sims 4. At the time of creation, you still need to make a binary gender choice for your Sim, regardless of pronoun settings. We hope that we have shown commitment to improving the representation of sexual identities with features such as gender personalization, which allows you to redefine settings related to body size, dress preferences, pregnancy and toilet use. We believe that updating pronouns is another important step towards a better representation of non-binary genders, but we also recognize that pronouns do not equate to sexual identities.

The Sims 4 is now 8 years old and is based on systems that were originally designed with binary sexual options. In the following years we have reached important milestones such as gender personalization, pronouns and now sexual orientation. It’s an ongoing journey that includes many other milestones, such as introducing proper mechanical systems that fully support non-binary Sims.

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